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Exploring the Best Indie Bookstores in Jaipur: A Book Lover's Guide

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No Safe Space

no safe space by Shreya Vijay

that winter night

that winter night by Shreya Vijay

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John McCluskey

John McCluskey

“Shreya provides an outstanding service to authors and readers alike. She features high quality, insightful reviews for a variety of works in multiple genres, and the display on her website is visually enticing.  I especially appreciated her honest and accurate review of my novel, as she provided a concise summary and focused on the characters, plot and language style. Shreya was especially professional in her communication with me, being very timely and courteous despite the time difference. I would highly recommend her services for authors, and her website and social media accounts for readers. You won’t be disappointed.  I look forward to reaching out to her for future works.”

Author of A Moment of Fireflies
Adem Besim

Adem Besim

“From her very first email, Shreya was extremely enthusiastic and polite. She writes her reviews in an impressively articulate manner that is combined with sincerity. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Author of "Steadfast"
Andy Beck

Andy Beck

Shreya is a friendly and open-minded lady, who is open to reading and reviewing books from various branches of the literary spectrum. As an author of music fiction, I was looking for ways to generate some exposure for my debut novel. Shreya helped by introducing my work, and its design, to a wider audience of followers. This included several instances of well-worded and visually appealing content on the popular online platforms.

All in all, Shreya was professional, communicative, punctual and financially fair. I can recommend her reviewing services to anyone looking for some additional exposure for their work, especially if you are interested in or curious about the Indian market.”

Musician, Composer & Author of "Folk Springs Eternal
GW Lucke

Gary Lucke

“Shreya Vijay did a thorough and insightful review of by book. She picked out some of the challenging aspects of the narrative in addition to its strengths. Her communication during the whole process was very professional and timely. I’m looking forward to working with Shreya on the upcoming books in my trilogy and recommend her review service for anyone wanting a detailed and thoughtful review of their book.”

Author of "When Darkness Descends"
David Mason

David C. Mason

“Shreya Vijay, who runs was very easy to work with and her review of my book (Pandora’s Gardener) was pretty much spot on. 
It was concise and insightful,  highlighting the positives while respectfully, and fairly, critiquing the areas of the book where things could have been done differently.  This review will give any potential reader a very good idea of what they were buying, which is the whole point, so a big thumbs up from me.  Shreya’s review was timely, and has been posted widely on sites, such as Amazon, Goodreads, and even Instagram.
I  have no hesitation in recommending her services. 
Thank you Shreya!”
Author of "Pandora's Gardener"
Cassie Crowe - The Wayward Soul

Cassie Crowe

“I am very pleased to have discovered Shreya Vijay. She read my novel and provided a review with a very quick turnaround, focusing on the content, language, structure, pace, world building, and characters. Shreya is great to work with, honest, and super responsive. Her reviews are intelligent, unbiased, and fair, and are a great way for readers to get to know about the wonderful selection of books that are available out there. She provides an awesome service. I highly recommended authors connect with Shreya and get a review for their novels. I know I’ll definitely be getting Shreya to review my next book.”

Author of "The Wayward Soul"
L.A. Evans - Junction

L.A. Evans

Shreya Vijay is an expressive writer and reviewer and someone I would wholeheartedly recommend to any author who wants an honest review. Her writing is descriptive, enthusiastic and empathetic. She has been true to her word and kept me up to date with her progress in both reading my book and writing her review. She responds promptly to all contacts made and is a very amiable person. Her social media platform is diverse and she takes into consideration the little things, like tags and likes. She has a real knack for understanding the deeper, hidden morals of a novel and depicting them so well in her writing.
I am so pleased to have had the fortune of working with her and she will be top of my reviewer list for when my second book is released in early Spring. Thank you Shreya for your kind, honest words and for being an absolute dream to work with.”
Author of Junction: Time's Ticking

Peter Gray

“Working with Shreya has been a most rewarding experience. Her book reviews are honest and informative enough for the readers to understand the context of the work that is being reviewed. I appreciate her strong communicative skills throughout the process, and her ability to read full-sized novels at a rapid pace. Furthermore, Shreya’s website is visually appealing and easy to navigate for new readers. The same can be said for her Instagram account as well. She has earned a new fan, and I look forward to seeing the books she intends to review in the future.”

Author of “Cursed” and “The Tragic Tale of Teddy Woven”
Lorna Brown

Lorna Brown

“I couldn’t be happier with Shreya’s review of my book. The review is detailed and holds nothing back. It is clear she took interest in reading and takes her time in writing her response to what she reads. She is also quick in responding to emails, polite and professional. I hope to be sending her more work in the future. Thanks Shreya!”

Author of Hinterland
Sam G.C

Sam G. C.

“Put yourself and your dearest in the hands of Shreya Vijay, you won’t regret it. She has a keen eye for both your strengths and your weaknesses and she will express it accordingly. I did, and I will repeat again. Thank you so much for reading with so much care and love.”

Author of The Quiet Man