13 Reasons Why – Jay Asher


“You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life you are messing with the entire life.”

Sometimes waiting on the side-lines is not enough. Watching someone bleed until they are incapable of breathing is not the sign of humanity! Sometimes you need to initiate a conversation and try to help a person. Sometimes you just need to try harder…

13 reasons why…! Hannah Baker! Clay Jensen! And 13 lose strings to be tied… Clay doesn’t really want to come to terms with the fact that his classmate Hannah Baker is now unfortunately dead. Even more heart breaking news is that Hannah committed suicide. Hannah was so damn done with her life that she ultimately committed suicide. But she sends a set of 7 tapes with 13 reasons which coerced her into ending her life. Fall in step with Clay as he uncovers the secret behind Hannah’s death. What he hears might just change his life forever…

Suicide. I’m sure some of you must have cringed while reading this word. Some think that suicide is the epitome of cowardice. Some think suicide is downright stupid. Well that’s Bullshit! You know what’s stupid? Hurting a person so much & breaking him into a million pieces that the only solution they see is suicide. Now that is what I call cowardice!

Coming to the book the book was very brutal and honest. If you cannot handle graphic content, I’m sorry to break it to you guys, but the book is not for you. The brutality and straightforwardness of the author has contributed immensely to this book’s success.

‘13 reasons why’ trigger issues like teenage depression, bullying and also contains mentions of rape. The eye opening plot of the novel is one of its kind and very excruciating. Asher knows how to keep the readers engaged and begging for more.

All the 13 reasons in my personal opinion work completely justified. Usually when a person commits suicide, it is not due to one major reason rather it is because of several smaller reasons creating a snowball effect because in the end everything effects everything.

The raw emotions of Hannah and the flashbacks of Clay were very interesting but confusing at times. This is definitely a story which will live with you throughout your life. Though there was some parts in the book which were not completely adding up, so I do believe there could have been scope for something even better. But then again, nothing is flawless except fantasy and this book is NOT a fantasy. It is a reality. The cruel and harsh reality of our society.

I strongly recommend this book for teenagers as it is very important for them to understand the consequences of the so-called ‘harmless and playful’ bullying of people. They need to understand what it’s like to hear all the crude remarks and comments and still carry on with life.

“No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. If only we could see the endless string of consequences that result from our smallest actions. But we can’t know better until knowing better is useless” Jay Asher takes us on one hell of a ride keeping our eyes brimming with tears, our hearts screaming for justice and our free hand over our mouth to stop ourselves from yelling out profanities.

Go ahead and read this book I am sure that you will like it (if not love it). It might even help you get rid of your oblivious nature. You are sure to come out as a more observant and caring person. Purchase a copy of the book from your nearest retail store and give this book a chance… A chance at saving thousands from committing suicide… A chance at saving people from a ton of regret… And a chance at changing yourself…

“He cried that day. All day! All night!
She cried too. Sadly, all her life…”

Until the next time! Adios Amigos!