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“If I give you fifty reasons why I like you, & then, I’ll let you decide if me being me is not enough.”

Dylan Rush! The Hollywood heart throb! A person with an extremely cocky attitude & a smirk which practically seems to be glued to his face. His undeniably *cough* charming *cough* personality & angelic looks which makes the female population of the world drool all over him, just act like a cherry on the cake.

Alexandra Hunt! A normal…well… not so normal girl with an impressive mixture of sass, sarcasm & swag. What happens when two utterly different personalities bump into each other…like literally! Read rushed to find out.

This was a book which captured my attention real bad and real quick. The characters were superb and the plot was different from most of the teen fiction novels.

The character of Alex was determined and fierce. She held the personality of an independent woman which is what made me like – no love – this book. The girl character in teen fiction novels is generally the whiny and awkward types.

The plot twists were excruciating… in a good way though. Whenever things were going on the track, something abysmal happens and whoosh! This leads to a plot twist. Though I won’t say that I loved this book from bits to pieces but yeah! It was definitely better than all those annoyingly cliché novels where the protagonists have an overnight realization of love at first sight. I mean according to me, it is completely unnecessary.

Also, I loved the flow of the book. Since, it kept a perfect pace and did not linger over a single issue for long. There was not one moment in the novel when I thought that nothing actually is going on. I literally could not put the book down and loved the way the author narrated the story.

Over and all, this should be a book which can be read ad enjoyed by anyone and everyone. I highly recommend this book especially to people who are keen for some drama, adventure and opposites do attract kind of thing.

My dear readers…! Rushed was a Hate story, soon turned into a Love Blockbuster! How? Well, this is for me to know and for you to read and find out.

Psst… this story features a total drool worthy guy who will make you swoon because of his angelic looks and cry tears of laughter due to his attitude. Keep an eye out for this boy. He can definitely mess up your emotions… Just saying though.

So friends, read Rushed and get ready to be teleported into the crazy world of Dylex!


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