5 Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary


Words are the building blocks of any and every language. The type of vocabulary you use is used to determine your knowledge of that language. A good vocabulary can aid you a ton in your life. It sharpens your communication skills and helps you express yourself with exceptional eloquence which in turn increase your job prospects. Not to forget mentioning, it makes you sound quite intellectual. It is a well-accepted fact that having a decent vocabulary is a very significant matter in today’s world. Hence, to assist you in refining your vocabulary, I present you 5 easy and equally fun ways to do the same.

  1. Reading

Read! Read! And keep reading! Reading is one of the chief contributors to edifying my vocabulary. How? Well, it is actually a piece of cake. While reading books, journals or newspapers, whatever you desire, you can accentuate the typical words you come across and can later look them up in a dictionary or thesaurus. Inculcating the habit of reading is very beneficial as it assists you in grasping the precise usage of words and their composition in sentences.

  1. English Movies and Songs

Once you are acquainted with the words, the subsequent mission is to learn how to pronounce these words. The most embarrassing thing you can do is ‘know’ the word, but enunciate it incorrectly! The best (and probably also the most entertaining) way to make sure you don’t land up in such a situation, is to spend your leisure time flicking through English movies and listening to English songs. Whilst watching the movies, you come across certain slangs and casual phrases which can be of great help in your write-ups and speeches. Initially, you can resort to using subtitles as well. However, once you grow accustomed to the accent and language, you would, yourself, prefer to turn off the subtitles (as they can be very annoying at times).

  1. Writing

Take a blank white sheet and write something. Even if you believe it is complete trash. You can always go back and edit your writings but if you haven’t written anything, you can’t do that. So, take a sheet, and spill the ink! Practice! After you are familiar with the words, you need to practice to integrate these words into your writings and speeches.

  1. Converse

Talk! Make continuous use of the words which you have learned. Your daily conversations play the main role in habituating you of the new words which are soon to be added to your vocabulary list. This tiny way will make sure that the words you are new to, are embedded in your memory box for later use. Consequently, it will be easier for you to recall those words whenever requisite.

  1. Keep Yourself Motivated

No task is easy! Merely envisioning or wanting something to happen, isn’t gonna make it transpire. You have to work consistently and strive hard to accomplish what you want. Keep yourself inspired! Engage in positive self-talk and thrust yourself out of your comfort zone. Broaden your vistas and Voila… You have the world bowing at your feet…

So, get a stack of papers and packets of stationary ready. And… Let’s get rolling!

 Shreya Vijay



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