Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our website. This website is maintained for avid readers. We have shouldered the task of providing you the book reviews and recommendations of numerous books from varied genres ranging from fantasy and teen fiction to mystery and thriller.

Apart from these reviews, you will also find quite a few literary tips, articles, poetry, quotes and reviews of TV Shows and Movies which might come in handy for the general audience.

Have a peek in the Mighty world of literature and surf through our website. Follow the website for updates on the latest posts and join us in instilling the feeling of love for books in the minds of people.

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Shreya Vijay - The Author

About the publisher of this site

Shreya Vijay is a high school student. She possesses extreme love for poetry which verges on the line of obsession. Apart from that, she is a chronic addict of music and an all-time Nyctophilus. She is also a content writer, a blogger and a published author.

Her first book Midnight Whispers was published on Amazon Kindle in 2018 and sold many copies online. Currently, she lives in India with her parents where she is finishing her high school.