An enclosure of 4 arms,
A safe haven from all the world’s harms!
Yes, my dear, I’m talking about hugs,
A gesture which sedates humans, more than drugs.

A simple hug says so much,
It is one of the gentlest touch!
When someone hugs you so tight,
Even in pitch darkness, uh find that sliver of light!

A hug is a touch which provides you comfort,
It is something which steals all your hurt.
A hug is a gesture which defines care,
It makes us realize someone is always there!

A hug is what we yearn for when we are alone,
It conveys emotions which reach till our very bones.
The most beautiful contact we can ever get,
It gives us peace of mind, even when our eyes are wet!

Ironic how we underestimate this gesture,
Yet, it is what we desire when in need of a fixture.
Well, the hugs can’t take all the credit, can they?
The person who gives the hugs add maple syrup to the pancake!

No matter what the situation,
Hugs have been God’s greatest creation
Maybe after an emotional breakdown or after getting scared of a bug,
At least once in their lifetime, everyone needs a hug!


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