Dear Fellow Readers

What is High School?

A place where we have a lot of fun. A place where we learn new things. A place where we pull off all our creative pranks. A place which is all flowers and fun. Right?

Wrong! High School has a much darker side as well. It is a place where drama is the second skin of students. It is a place where specific people are targeted and bullied and no one does shit about it! It is a place where jealousy rules people’s heart. And, my dear, it is a place where we have to put up a brave façade. Every. Single. Day.

Welcome to high school guys. Welcome!

Bullying is very common in high school now, isn’t it? But what exactly is bullying? When someone is treated as a human punch bag, it is bullying! When someone is assaulted, whether physically, verbally or emotionally, it is bullying. But above it all, when harmless teasing transforms into blatant insults, it’s bullying!

Here, I address all those bullies who bully people without a second thought. What do you get by insulting people and breaking their self-esteem to shreds? Does it give you some sadistic pleasure witnessing your victim begging you to stop your torture? Do you gain a weird sense of existential calm when the people in those hallways witness you spewing out invectives and abuses at your latest conquest?

You called that guy ‘gay’ and ‘social – reject’ because he has a different personality. But sweetheart, being different from the rest has never been a crime. You called him a ‘nerd’ because he studies a lot. Well, he has some future plans and is struggling hard to achieve them. You called that girl a ‘slut’ and a ‘bitch’ for having more guy friends. Maybe she has a better tuning with guys than girls. Ever given it a thought? Attention seeker, faggot, crack head, social reject, slut, whore, crybaby, etc. etc. etc. The list is endless! Tell me guys, what did you gain by the public harassment of someone else’s dignity?

Public… Yeah, what about you huh? Silent spectators of some juicy drama? Why did you turn your backs on those victims? The boys who made fun of that nerdy guy for crying after being verbally assailed. Those girls who saw that other girl breaking down in the school washroom and yet, you left her alone. You left them unaided when they needed someone to be there for them. Do you even have some scrap of humanity left in you? Or, is this drama just your daily dose of gossip which you are so disgustingly addicted to? I sure as hell reckon so!

Well, at least you guys have the guts to say it to people’s face. But, what about those people, who hide behind pretty little screens and then target their victims? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about cyberbullying. Hiding behind a white screen does not soften the blow of your words. Cyber Bullying is again a matter of growing concern, especially among teenagers.

According to frequent studies, suicides due to bullying are on a dramatic rise. How many suicides is it going to take for us all to realize that the things we say hurt? How many suicides is it going to take for us to stop our torture? And how many suicides is it going to take for us to change ourselves?

Here, I address all those victims of bullying, guys, you are not alone. You are not at fault. It’s not you, it is them. I know it must be so difficult for you to cope but trust me, nothing lasts forever, even this won’t. Open up, talk to a trusted adult. You are the only one who can help yourself. What do you want the others to think? That you gave up or that you kept going on?

So, darling, just hold on…

Take a stance against bullying. Everyone’s life matters!



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