Angel “aka” Angel Burn – L.A. Weatherly


“Thousands of creatures with 

Halos on their head,

Hypnotic Faces,

Fiery Eyes like Flaming torches,

Whose touch can send us mortals

to a whole new world. Why?

Just to ruin us!”

Alex, a trained angel killer. Willow, an impossible breed of angels – A half angel – who is not even supposed to exist. How will Alex save willow from the Angels who want her dead! Why? Cause the Angels are EVIL!

What!? The true and awe-inspiring miracles of nature – the Angels – in a negative role? And… this is gonna create real suspense and thrill… Having the angels as the bad guys… As in… ‘Y’all see readers… Any MORON can slit your throat, rip your head apart or kill you by shooting you! We are gonna see the same thing… but in a different and funky way!’  WHOA! That was Awesome!

After reading the book, I sat there with a stupidistic and moronic grin glued to my face. The book was absolutely remarkable! One of the best parts of the book was that the angels were not shown as the divine and holy creatures. Rather, they were the villains! This was something I never came across.

Since it was something new, I was eager to know what kind of twist will the story take in further. Well, Frankly, I am satiated by the first book in the trilogy. It had an apt amount of humor, action, and fiction. Was there a romantic aspect of the novel as well…? Oh Yeah! Which YA book doesn’t have it? Alex and Willow!!! Cool couple!

Also, my heartiest Thanks to L.A. Weatherly because the confessions of Alex & Willow’s love was not an overnight ‘Realization’ of ‘Love at First Sight’… Like – ‘Oh My God! How have I not realized it yet? I have been in love with you since the moment I first saw you!” For Christ’s sake! Stop! You just ‘REALIZED’ it! That’s bullshit! Alex and Willow’s love, on the other hand, had developed rather than coming out of ‘nowhere’!

Fantasy and Paranormal Fiction has been one of my favorite genres! And now, my love for both of them has gone to an entirely different level. This book will leave you awfully dumbstruck!

If you have not yet picked up this book, what the hell are you waiting for? Christmas?  Go! Read it right away! You won’t be disappointed. Rather, you will find yourself engrossed in the book and begging for more! More drama, more action, more romance….

You feel desperate to know what is going to happen next, in the second book of the series, “Angel Fire” where “The Survival of Humanity depends on The Two!”


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