Angel Fire – L.A. Weatherly


“Kill the Twelve, Kill the entire herd!”

Only Willow has the power to stop the Angels from causing any further destruction of humanity and the entire world. She has no idea how only ‘she’ can stop them. She has to decipher this really soon or else it will be too late… For humanity, for the earth, for everyone…! Seb! Another Half – Angel who has been searching for Willow all his life. Will he find her? And if he does, what impact will it have on Alex & Willow’s relationship?

Yeah! Angel Fire! I got this book the very next day after I finished reading ‘Angel aka Angel burn’. When the book was delivered at my doorstep, I leaped onto it like it was made out of chocolate ice- cream!! Yummy!!! And… I gobbled up the entire book in a day!

Before reading, I was continuously thinking that the first book was so extraordinary. I couldn’t get anything better than that, but I was absolutely wrong! This book was beyond my imagination! It outshines the first book 101%!!!  It sucked me within itself.

Angel Fire was fantastic, awesome, spine – tingling, thrilling… I can keep writing words for it, but you guys get the gist! It was 709 pages of pure astonishing flawlessness!

The story kept me on the edge the whole time! I felt as if I was sitting on the pointer of a knife and if I move even the slightest bit, I would fall down! I found the author’s writing very convenient to read since it is very descriptive and we get a vivid picture of every scene.

The book was an emotional roller-coaster of a ride! At times, I was so heartbroken that I didn’t know for sure whether I could read the book any further. But anyways, I continued reading it and obviously finished it!

Though the book is really long, it is that type of book, where the pages keep flying. You do not even notice when you are through the book. Every page has something interesting within itself. You can’t just put the book down! Especially, during the tension and panic in the last 250 pages or so….

One of the best parts of the book was that though the book dwelled upon the character’s former lives and their feelings for each other, it did not have surplus romance, or excess of action! Everything was in proper proportion.

Well, anything I say will not do any justice to this book. You all know what you have to do now. Right? Go! Read the series!

While reading, you laugh, you cry, you panic. But at last, you come back for more in the stunning climax of the fantabulous “Angel” series! “Angel Fever” where, “The story takes such a sharp and thrilling turn, that you are literally knocked off your feet…”


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