Thursday, December 3, 2020



Dear Fake Friend

Dear Fake Friend I always thought friendship lasts forever. I always thought friends are the essence of life. I truly believed that friends have your back through thick and thin. I thought friends are always elated...

Procrastination – The Universal Best Friend

Procrastination occurs when we think about doing a particular chore but end up convincing ourselves of doing it later. ‘Oh, I will do my homework tomorrow!’ ‘I think I’ll read the rest of the book later.’ ‘I’ll...
Why Do Some People Choose to Have Fewer Friends?

Why do some people choose to have fewer friends?

Friendship is not a mere word, a bond or just a relationship label for that matter. It is a commitment. A commitment which a group of people makes to always have each other’s back, to...

An Open Letter

Dear Fellow Readers What is High School? A place where we have a lot of fun. A place where we learn new things. A place where we pull off all our creative pranks. A place which...
Swiss Alps

Places to Visit in the Swiss Alps

There are times when your soul asks for a vacation from the monotonous routine of your life and that is when you turn towards a holiday package. A small vacation is enough to keep your...