Beautifully Broken Pieces – Catherine Cowles


A girl looking to run away & hide her sorrows in a small town & a guy, residing in the said town, trying to deal with his past demons. Mix them together and you have a marvelous small town romance novel which is sure to woo you. Beautifully Broken Pieces is the story of Taylor & Walter – two sides of a same coin. While Taylor has her walls built up high, Walter is looking to bring them down. Enter a dangerous killer on the loose & you’ve gotten yourself an intriguing story of love, trauma, grief & thrill.

First things first, the cover of the story is beautifully aesthetic & the title does absolute justice to this small town Romance novel. The author has skillfully tackled the themes of grief & introduced the readers to a tinge of mystery which spices up the otherwise clichéd small town romance plot. A fully fleshed out world building amalgamated with articulate but informal dialogue delivery made this book a whole lot better.

The language employed is lucid & enticing. There are some subtle & some glaring punches of humour which kept the book from being too serious. Whilst reading, the emotions kept hitting me like a series of waves crashing on the shore. The plot was well paced & the suspense started building out gradually.

The characters were penned with an impressive prowess. The author has created two protagonists who are sure to steal the hearts of all the readers. I loved the romantic interactions between Taylor & Walter as they made me feel all mushy inside. Noah was adorable. Even the side characters were nuanced well & served a purpose rather than lingering around in the background.

The climax was unprecedented. Further, when you feel like the mystery is solved, the author will give you another shock & voila, your mind is blown away all the way to Mars.

There are a few cuss words scattered along the length of the book, spoken mostly in a blind fit of rage. There’s no information overload or exaggeration of scenes. In short, this book was an absolute delight & I look forward to reading more of this author.  

My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

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