Broken Paradise
Broken Paradise

In the chilly winter, wearing that black cocktail dress,
Looking for a way to overcome the feeling of aloofness,
I entered the new club, opened round the corner,
The aura, now making me feel a little warmer.

No, I didn’t come here to drink,
But to get some time to introspect and think!
Geez, look at all these people drinking and dancing,
Enjoying their happy lives and partying!

Everyone has a life so happy,
Yet, here am I, feeling utterly crappy!
Oh how I wish I could live life with such ease,
But look at me, drowning in my paranoia and insecurities!

I spot a guy, dancing along his mates
Looks like he has nothing at stake.
Oh, see that girl sipping whiskey neat?
Damn, she really is moving precisely along the beat!

The moment I shift my gaze,
I find a masked man clad in leather, looking like a blaze.
“How can I help you, sir?” I ask.
Saying nothing, the man just lifts his mask!

The moment I look in his eyes,
I feel mesmerized.
With orbs as black as the Coal,
His eyes seemed to pierce through my inner soul.

The intensity of his eyes was too much to handle,
So I looked down at the table top which was quite dull.
I feel myself momentarily dazed,
When I looked up, I found the world a little fazed.

I focus on the boy dancing on the stage,
A million flashbacks rush through my mind in a haze.
His so called friends make fun of him behind his back,
He knows all this, yet, stays with them in fact!

I could feel his emotions as clear as the day,
I whip my head towards the man, to hear what he has to say!
But I find him nowhere in sight,
Gosh! My head just feels so light…

I was startled gaining this insight of the boy’s life,
Just to be sure, I refocus, and felt the same emotions, twice.
Seeing him dancing with friends, I thought his life was perfect!
Well, hiding feelings doesn’t entail an astrophysicist’s intellect.

I next focus on that girl, now drinking wine,
And find her eyes, locked with mine.
A girl she loved from the bottom of her heart,
Society ripped them apart, part by part…

She lost her love in the depth of their eyes,
So she looks for it in a bottle of wine…
I shake my head, to let go of that chilly feel,
I thought that I was the only one dealt a risky deal.

After looking at them all, I realize,
Most of the things I see, are sugar coated lies.
Nothing is what it seems to be,
It’s never the bigger picture that we see!

You worship those bright blue skies,
Yet, even it sometimes cries.
Where do you think the rain comes from?
It’s all a part of nature’s bigger norm.

The angels with wings do fall,
No matter how much they’re adored by us all.
Don’t believe everything you see,
Life is a perfect illusion, trust me!

While leaving the club, I can’t help but wonder,
What will it take for the world to wake up from its slumber,
Of pretence and carelessness,
Of ridicules and downright pompousness!

Even after listening to everyone’s words so vile,
They always upheld that impeccable smile.
Alas! Those people are just hiding their cries,
Living life, in their Broken Paradise.

– Shreya Vijay


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