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“My curse will be lifted if I find true love. I wish it was that easy because in my case no one can even see me, so falling in love with me was out of the question.”

Tristyn Moore – A guy with an appealing personality & confidence higher than the sky. Iorwen Haywell – The tomboy of her town yet a wonderful and beautiful young lady. For some reason, she has never dated and is like invisible to the opposite gender. Can two invisible people finally be able to see and believe in each other? Well, you’ll have to read ‘Can You See Me’ to find out.

Well, I ought to say that Wattpad is one of the best book reading apps I have ever come across. Not only does it gives you free access to books but also provide you with a variety of books in every genre. All you have to do is sign up. And then, you are the king or the queen of the world of books. You must give it a try, everyone!

It was about time I read another fantasy novel. So as soon as I laid my eyes upon the book and read the enthralling summary, I decided that I ought to read it. And frankly guys, it was the best decision I made, because I definitely do not regret reading such an astonishing book but I sure as hell would have regretted missing it for anything. Well, enough about me. Let’s get started with the book now, shall we?

So, this is the first book in the ‘Can you series’. Only true love can break this curse set upon Tristyn. I must admit that I was highly expecting this book to be a cliché – something that is akin to the beauty and the beast. Cause breaking of a curse by true love, seriously!? But oh well. On the contrary, the book has an amazingly mollifying plot with a tinge of suspense and absolute humor.

The character of Iorwen Haywell aka the female protagonist is more like a tomboy and a kick-ass! She is the kind of a person who is tough and strong. Just the kind of female character I like in such novels.

And, and, and, what would be the use if we don’t talk about the handsome and dashing blue-eyed boy? Our very own Tristyn Moore… Well, this guy is like any other cliché bad boy.

Being a playboy? Check!

Being a heartbreaker? Check!

Narcissist? Check!

Cocky attitude? Check!

Deviously charming looks? Well… Double check!!!

The only thing that makes our playboy stand apart in the crowd is his sense of humor. The kind only Tristyn Moore can possess.

Over and all, the book was intriguing and held within itself to keep you imprisoned in the world of Tristyn and Iorwen. The capability to hold your interest and not let you put down the book, even for a single minute.

Mysteries, misdirection, and riddles abound! It’s time for Tristan to either lift up the curse or to lose the only girl who can lift the curse for him. The choice is his. But once a playboy, is always a playboy. So what are you waiting for? Download the app & read this wonderful piece of fantasy. I cannot assure you that you will LOVE it… but, I can definitely assure you that the time you give to this book, will be worth and you will definitely enjoy the journey of Tristyn and Iorwen.

So…Until then! Adios Amigos!


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