Carson’s Garage – KD Storm

“I received this book as an ARC & I’m giving an honest review.”

A dog is a man’s best friend. But what if, that very best friend becomes a threat to you and all those around you? Carson’s Garage is a well-penned Thriller which outlines the life of the Carsons and their pet dog, Sparky, whom they adopted from a shelter.

One fine day, after a particular incident, darkness descends upon Sparky. Tommy, the dog’s owner and best friend would go to the end of the Earth to save him from anything and anyone. But the world is round. How long until they circle back & the inevitable happens?

Carson’s Garage is a book which brings together an outwardly tale of love, friendship and loyalty. Further, it contains underlying theme of Parental Neglect and family dysfunction which is sure to blow the mind of the readers.

The cover of the book is so apt and the title also makes perfect sense once you’ve read the novel. This is definitely the kind of cover we bibliophiles will love to have on our bookshelves.

The story line of the book was distinct and something out of the box. Written from the third person’s perspective, the author managed to give us insights into the mind of all the characters. Particularly the main ones – Tommy & his dog, Sparky. Unfortunately, the flow of the plot was a little rugged, particularly in the middle of the book and I found that some instances could’ve been threaded in a better way.

Despite this one flaw in the flow, the author sure knows how to keep the readers hooked and engaged in the story. When the climax was approaching, the tension started building up and I need to admit, I was so invested in the book, that the finale made me shed a couple of tears.

The characters were well structured and by the end, I grew attached to them. The flashback which the author employed worked wonders in helping me attain a better understanding of why the characters were the way they were. Kudos to the author for this.

Over and all, I would recommend this book to people looking for a sentimental read and of course, for those who love dogs! In my opinion, this book is a perfect fit for anyone above the age of 15 because the deep and underlying themes of the novel might not be understood by people below this age. Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am sure you people will too.

Until the next time! Adios Amigos!


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