Changes Are Inevitable In Life

‘You’ve changed a lot, mate!’

‘You are no longer the person I knew. You’ve changed!’

Change! Our biggest achievement and our worst enemy in life! Here, I am not going to talk about the physical changes which we all undergo. That’s a biological fact and there is no changing or denying it. Today, I will talk about the change in our personality and the change in our behavior. We all change ourselves in our lives.

Analyze yourself, for example.  You might not be the person you used to be a couple of years back or even a couple of months back. Circumstances change people. Yes, they do but, it is completely upon you whether you wish to change for the better, or for the worse. There are people who are frightened by change and then there are people who compel themselves to change.

You cannot judge a person by their past because it doesn’t just make sense! You can’t even expect to know a person’s life story by observing her present self. If a person smiles a lot, maybe she has known a lot of pain! When a person appears emotionless, maybe her emotions have been played with! And if a person appears to be angry 24/7, maybe she is trying to conceal her broken heart beneath her façade! You don’t know her, and you will never know her if you continue to judge her based on what she wishes to show you!

You know, it’s always the last day of something or the other. The last day of vacations, the last day of your school, the last time you walk the corridors of your coaching etc. But you need to understand that every end marks a new beginning. Your last day of vacation marks a new day at school. Your last day of school marks your first day of college and so on. Things change in life, and you too have to change according to it. You can’t just be what you were years back! Change is the only constant in life! Yes, it may be frightening at first but try changing but it is inevitable. You will change continuously in life – whether consciously or subconsciously…


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