Class Of Two – Tim Cagle

“I received this book as an ARC & I’m giving an honest review.”

“Life is war. Friendship is victory.”

Two college best friends who are now lawyers, team up to fight a case against top medical experts and wanna-be politicians on behalf of a brain damaged young basketball prodigy. When attorney Aubrey “Ace” Evans, a black attorney, is on the verge of bankruptcy, he is offered a case of medical malpractice which might fetch him a truck load of money. So, he takes it.

But, as the case moves forward and every single facet of the truth is revealed, Ace and his best friend, Jake Skylar realize that this case is more than just about money. It’s about one’s integrity towards their profession. Do they win the case and deliver justice? Read the book to find out.

Class Of Two is a fast paced court-room thriller with the underlying themes of racism, medical malpractice and corruption. The cover of the book is pretty sober & the title holds immense significance.

The book commences with a detailed description of 1994 American Society – the place where the novel is set. Since the very beginning, the book managed to seize my attention. In fact, it held it till the very end. The language was fluid, comprehensive & compelling.

The book dealt with various themes and did justice to every single one of them. I got the impression that the book was very thoroughly researched and the medical and legal technicalities were on point. The storyline was intriguing, thrill packed and exceptionally well delivered. I’ve read my fair share of legal thrillers and I can confidently admit, this book was by far one of the best.

The characters seemed real and the tinge of humor in the book instigated some laugh-out-loud moments. The times when the atrocities Aubrey Evans faced were brought to light, I might’ve even shed a tear or two. I particularly adored the friendship of Jake and Ace. It was too beautiful and genuine. The book was a whirlwind of emotions and kept the suspense going till the very last page.

Over and all, this is a book for all the legal thriller enthusiasts out there. I consider it a must read because this book does not only thread an excruciatingly compelling story, but because it also talks about the reality of the society we live in.

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