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“I was searching. Searching for hope. Searching for something that is worth living for. And then I found him. The dark secret.The dark soul. He taught me to love. He was all I needed but…”

Emily is a shy and quiet girl who prefers to keep to her. At least that is what people thought. And that was before she came under Luke’s wing…

Luke is a mysterious boy. Nobody knows anything about him because he comes and goes like a gust of wind. He is always ‘another face in the crowd’. But that was before he met Emily.

Dark secrets unfolding and deadly creatures coming to life, this journey of Luke and Emily is bound to be more than just thrilling. Dive into the fantastical world of Luke and Emily where ‘dangerous’ doesn’t even begin to explain their journey of love and magic.

First things first, ‘Dark Door’ is a fantasy novel. It had the perfect blend of supernatural creatures ranging from hybrids, werewolves, angels, and wizards to vampires… Yes dear reader, Vampires, with a capital ‘V’. Our dear male protagonist is a Vampire. Oh, and not just any vampire, he is the King of vampires.

The story started with our female protagonist venturing out in the dark. The writing was intriguing which compelled me to read further in the very first place. The protagonist was one of a kind and definitely not the whiny and easy – scared female. Luke – the male protagonist – was a very dark and brooding creature. His personality develops throughout the book at a steady pace.

The story has a marvelous setting and quite an original plot. It was definitely a page-turner and I feel the need to admit that the author has put in immense hard work to bring out this piece of writing. Though, I believe that the writing portion could’ve been much better. Yes, it was intriguing but not the best.

The plus point was that the suspense was intact till the very end and the plot was also quite unpredictable. Yes, there were quite humorous instances which I really liked. This, I felt was necessary, keeping in mind the dark and brooding story line. Also, the romantic aspect of the book was great. Yes, this book too was subjected to a lot of swoon-worthy scenes. I love these kinda books! *winks*

Talking about the climax, two words: My God! The climax was flawless, amazing, dramatic and what not. You name the adjective and I am sure the ending will qualify for it. Trust me; it would have been a wonderful scene for movie depiction. And no guys, I am sorry, I won’t be providing the abstract of the ending here because that it is something you have to read the book for.

Oh, and as long as we are on the subject of movies, I believe that this book is very good and with certain edits and modifications, it might be ready for publishing and I really want it to become a major motion picture. Well, apart from that, I can say that the ending definitely left me satisfied and the author tied all the strings without leaving anything hanging.

In the end, I would like to congratulate the author for penning down such a wonderful story. I hope, in the near future, you become a published author. Keep up the good work dear.

I am really glad I picked up this novel and I hope you guys will be too. So open your account on Wattpad and give such books a chance. I am sure once you are into it, there is no backing out. So, read the book and I am certain, you won’t be disappointed.   

“Always remember to give passing things a chance. And the best way to give those things a chance is by opening all the doors in your life.”

Until the next time! Adios Amigos!           



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