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FANTASY! Yayaya! Another Fantasy book. It was about time I read another fantasy book. Lately, Teen fictions have been consuming my reading lists. Hey! You can’t really blame me! I am a teenager after all…! Well, coming back to the book, I can say that the book was lovely.

“This place is a shit hole!”

Tashn Darkmyr – two words, twelve letters & one person, yet he is the person, the entire hell is afraid of… Mia Sanders – two words, ten letters & one beautiful young lady with extremely pretty big brown eyes. The day Tashn Darkmyr laid eyes on her, he started getting these weird sparks when she smiled at him or even shouted at him for that matter. Where will these tiny sparks lead the relationship of Tashn & Mia…? Well, we’ll just have to wait and watch…!

Tashn was our signature bad boy & Mia was our very own goody two shoes.  It was a cliché relationship but not a cliché plot. Firstly, the thing has a touch of fantasy. Secondly, there were many plot twists which prevented the book from becoming an utter cliché and frankly, boring as hell!

Tashn had deviously charming looks and him, actually being a demon doesn’t help the situation…! Mia is Tashn’s angry kitten… So sweet!!! The characters were also great the plot was different from most novels. It was more or less a teen fiction with a touch of fantasy.

When we talk about the narration of the book, it is written in the third person. Personally, this was one of the reasons why I couldn’t actually connect to this book. I mean, I personally do not prefer reading books with the third-person narration because that just makes me feel that the story is being told to me.

If the narration is in the first person, I find it quite easy to relate to the characters. This was my personal opinion. But, when we talk about the book particularly, it was extremely gripping and no doubt, a page-turner.

The third person narration also didn’t matter that much to me because I could connect to the characters to some extent. Doing this via the third person narration is not a child’s play. You need to give very detailed descriptions and have to claw your mind to bring out that beautiful piece of work.

This book did not disappoint me at all. Period. It was a funny and entertaining read. One thing I wasn’t expecting was tragic (Yeah! I am definitely exaggerating…) ending. It broke my heart (almost). But no matter what, I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it for light reading.

Also, Fantasy fans, you are at the right place! If you are a fantasy geek, do read this book because it contains a lot of fantastical stuff aka magic, wings, devils, and angels… So guys, book your Tashn and Mia combo before it runs out of stock…!

Until next time peeps…!


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