Divergent – Veronica Roth


“She turns to face the future in a world that is falling apart.”

This is the story of Tris Prior – A 16-year-old girl who is shown as the female protagonist. It is narrated in the first person. She portrays a character that is selfless, brave as well as intelligent. Her identity is not the one she believes to have had for the past 15 years. What will happen when the identity which was supposed to be hidden from the society falls apart as an open book for everyone to have a peep in? The society sees her as a threat! What will she do? How will she survive in such a brutal world? Will the love endure everything & yet survive? Will she lose all the people she loves and cares about? If yes, how will she survive with so much of guilt?

A science fiction novel! Though everything was a fiction, it seemed to grasp all my attention & gave me a very horrifying journey of Chicago – The place where the story is set in. The story very well tells that each & every choice has its consequence. You cannot, at any point escape the consequence of your choices! It was a tale full of bravery, selflessness, love, betrayal & gave me creeps after reading what all the people had to suffer.

Tobias, the male protagonist of the novel also portrayed a very brave personality but at the same time, a soft one. His love for Tris was true and unquestionable but… he had tons of responsibilities which he can’t run away from.

The story will leave you speechless. You will be so eager to read the sequel. But at the same time, you are so shaken that you can’t bring yourself together to read it. But guys! Don’t forget, “Patience is a virtue”.

Do read “Insurgent” the second installment in the divergent series where love has to face dangerous problems and still be intact, where the good has to win over evil, where there is no future but just the present moment to live in…

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