Dreams Of Thunder – Christian Cura

“I received this book as an ARC & I’m giving an honest review.”

A young girl standing with her mother, watches her entire world fall apart as she witnesses her beloved Grandfather being executed by the council of magic wielders. This one incident sets her on a path of seeking vengeance. In order to fulfill her murderous fantasy, she is willing to risk everything and everyone. Will she get what she wants, or will there be someone strong enough to stand in her way?

An amalgamation of magic, demons, juicy back stories and a crazy diabolical villain never gets old. Dreams of Thunder is one such amazing Fantasy novel that combines the above elements in a nice little story which is sure to keep the readers hooked.

The cover of the book is vibrant and beautiful. The title is simple and does absolute justice to the novel. The novel is penned down in a beautiful way. The author has managed to bring all his words to life. The world building was superb and once I started reading the novel, I couldn’t put it down until I had read it all the way till the end.

Considering the fact that I didn’t read the first book, I was a little confused in the beginning but soon enough, I got the hang of the characters and the world I was temporarily a part of. The plot was really fast paced and the story line was addictive. Everything had a perfect flow.

The characters were beautifully penned and well crafted. They seemed real. I loved the character of Nora and Danielle. Further, I absolutely adored the relationship between Nora and Selene. There were times when the book had me gushing on some romantic scenes and sometimes, it had me waiting with bated breath to find out what happens next. Whilst reaching towards the end of the book, the pace increased dramatically. I was so excited to find out what would happen next.

Other than that, the climax of the book leaves the reader craving for more. If I am being really honest, I couldn’t get enough of this Mystic world. So now, while I try and get my hands on the first book in the series, you guys place your orders for this book.

I would recommend this book for EVERY. SINGLE. FANTASY. BUFF who is looking for a quick yet captivating read.


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