Beyond the confines of our monotonous lives,
Lie 2 other worlds, twice the size!
One is full of fantasy, fairy dust and magic,
Where there is nothing akin to tragic!

Red, orange, pink and white flowers,
This place is the creation of Almighty’s powers.
A place where the sun shines bright,
This place is the haven of light.

All sorts of happiness are found here,
A place which everyone holds dear.
But where there is light, there is dark too,
Just like a white rose has a shadow too…

There is another land,
Which has crushed bones marking the sand.
Refuging a scary and gloomy aura,
There is no sign of any flora.

Here, the rain pelts hard on the glass,
Your worst fears become the rust on the brass.
A drop of your tear falls in the rain,
An unseen sign of your boundless pain…

Be careful what you wish for dear,
Your dreams can be seen both far and near.
The world isn’t made up of Gods all through,
Alas Baby girl, the devil can hear your prayers too.

Every night you go to sleep,
You stand before a cliff, waiting to take the leap.
Sometimes you succeed, at times you don’t,
Latter are the times you wake up with a scream choking your throat.

Not all dreams contain fairies and floo,
Some contain monsters and demons too.
You are happy, all dreams come true,
But alas sweetheart, nightmares are dreams too…

Shreya Vijay
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