You had one simple mantra – never fall in love & never let anyone in. After all, that is what 20 years of constant let downs & betrayal does to you! It makes you build walls around your heart. Walls so high, that they are next to impossible to break, let alone penetrative through!

But then, they came along & your entire world flipped on its axis. They entered your life like a hurricane, wrecking all your beliefs & breaking all your rules.

They made you feel something, didn’t they? Every time they smiled, it was as if the entire world had lit up by florescent lights. Every time their hand caressed your skin, tingles shot up your spine yet somehow, you felt at ease. You felt at home! Even in a crowded room, your eyes looked for them, aching to get just a single glimpse.

They knew that you wouldn’t break your walls for anyone, so they resorted to climbing them. With their every gentle act of kindness & love, you ended up giving them a small piece of your heart until there was almost nothing left to give. With every single hug, they came closer to scaling your walls. And it scared you! So much, that you pushed them away.

You pushed them away because you thought that ultimately, they’d leave you high & dry – just like everyone else. But they didn’t. Every time you pushed them away, they pushed back harder. Every time you asked them to leave, they wrapped you in their arms and held tighter. Whenever you needed them, they were there! And maybe that’s why you ended up falling. Hard.

Everytime you had a bad day, they were there, holding you through life’s storms & making you realize, you are not alone. They moved mountains just to see a ghost of a smile on your face. But above it all, they accepted you. The real, whole & flawed you. Your paranoia, insecurities & demons, they held it all at bay. In fact, they embraced it.

And once you realized all this, you found something you’ve been looking for all your life – Peace. Not just in your surroundings, but in your heart & soul.

And now, all you want is to make them as happy as they make you, hold them tight & never let go. Because you now know, that some things in life, they never come knocking twice.

-Shreya Vijay


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