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“With the right music, you will either forget everything or you will remember everything.”

The Gold is a very famous boyband consisting of three Greek gods – Rian, Noah & Luke. What will happen when they are supposed to attend the private academy Oakwood? The female population of the academy practically worships the ground these boys walk on. Then, there is Iris. She could really care less. She is hardly bothered by this new band of drool-worthy guys joining her academy. But what happens when the four of them are stuck together? Here, let me give you a hint… They embark on a journey full of naughtiness, pranks, friendships, jokes and quite possibly… Love…

Music – One of my many obsessions, but frankly, the best one so far. Music holds within itself the power to whether break you or make you. It’s just about the choice of the music. The reason for me choosing this book was quite… twisted. Well, the main reason was that I love music. It soothes me and while listening to music, I can easily process things which are constantly rotating around my head.

Well, so as I was saying earlier, I Love music and then, there is another thing that I love – Books. And I just twisted Euclid’s postulate and it came out something like… “I loving books is equal to me loving music. So, I should try a musical book” Yes guys… This was my pathetic logic of choosing this book.

Well, coming to the book, this book was great and did not disappoint. The characters of the book were not exactly badass but then again, they were not exactly sappy as well. They stood somewhere in between the sappy characters and the badass ones.

I personally liked Noah the best. That was because he is more or less like me. He tends to break down the tension of a situation by cracking a lame joke. He is super funny and I personally believe that without this character, the book would have missed out a lot of fun.

The friendship of Noah and Iris was again the best one. They are more like best friends than a brother-sister. I favored this because it is not always necessary for the guy friends of a female protagonist be related to her in a brotherly way. This was something different which I do not get to read every second novel I pick up.

So finally, I would say that this book was definitely not a cliché. So, even if you guys don’t prefer the cliché books, you can go ahead and try this book. It is funny, amazing, sappy and tensed when it needs to be. This book misses out on ‘No’ emotion and can connect with us. One thing this book taught me was “Behind any girl’s favorite song, there is an untold story.” You need not forget this. It might help you to get to know someone better.

So guys, with all that said, I would really advise you to go ahead and read this book. You will enjoy it. Three cheers for our band – Go Gold! Go, Rian! Go Music…!

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