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Gothikana, without a doubt, was one of my most anticipated reads of this year. After reading it twice, I can say that it is, hands down, one of my favorites. RuNnyx has an articulate way with words. Once you enter her world of uncertainty and madness, there is no coming back.

Corvina is a young girl who grew up in an orthodox manner. She was homeschool by her schizophrenic mother and had no one to keep her company other than her tarot cards and crows. When she entered the Verenmore castle, she finally had a whiff of freedom she craved after her entire life. But, freedom is not the only thing she craved in Verenmore.

Enter Vad, a professor in the Verenmore castle and our anti-hero. When their fates entangled, colossal damage was bound to happen. But Corvina is strong enough to overcome the hurdles she and Vad face in their Romantic relationship. Or is she?

Gothikana is a perfect amalgamation of love, murder, suspense, mayhem and supernatural mystics adorned with a mentally unstable woman and a morally grey hero with questionable intentions and actions. In order words, this book is tailor-made for me. The gothic vibes were enough to make me read it in a single sitting, all the while swooning (and drooling) over Vad.

The dark and eerie vibes were practically oozing out of the seams of this book. Once I started reading it, I was transported to the Verenmore castle myself. I did not see the book’s pages while reading. I watched the story unfold right in front of my eyes. It was like watching a movie, one that I never wanted to end.

Everything in the book carried a certain mystical aura. This book keeps you guessing through and through. The moment you feel that you have figured something out, RuNyx goes and pushes you off the groove. The storyline is so intricately woven that you fear if you tear your eyes away from the page, even for a second, you will miss something important.

This is the part where I normally start gushing and swooning over the characters. However, this time, the thing I’ll actually be ranting about is the dialogue delivery. It’s freaking perfect. The dialogues are so phenomenally penned. Honestly, if I could, I would probably engrave them on my soul! (Yes, they are that good!)

“You’re the mountain I build my castle on, brick by brick.”

“This will last until the day roses on my grave stop sharing roots with the roses on yours. I will have you even in death, little witch. I am your beast. I am your madness. And you, you’re my afterlife.”

Can I get an Amen, please? Dialogues don’t get better than this. Trust me, they don’t! Everything in this book was hauntingly beautiful, and I couldn’t get enough of it the first time around, so I read it a second time.

Coming to the characters – Oh God! This is practically all I can say. I don’t often like to read teacher X student romance, but this was something beyond that. The way RuNyx has woven this trope into the dark academia and gothic setting has somewhat amplified its appeal.

Corvina is headstrong and just the kind of protagonist I adore in my reads. She doesn’t just have a magical hold over Vad; she is his salvation. Vad is definitely one of my many fictional crushes and will always have a special place in my heart. He is the broody, mysterious, alpha male who would do anything for the girl he loves. Yes, his actions are somewhat questionable, but his love for Corvina is what made me melt.

“I would’ve kissed you bathed in blood, Corvina. If I had a chance to kiss you while a thousand ghosts rose from their graves, I would have kissed you. Don’t doubt that.”

Trust me, Vad. I would NEVER doubt that.

“If something like that happens, you tell me. If you need help, you tell me. If you need comfort, you tell me. Whatever it takes. I get to be the only madness inside you, you understand?”

I think I just died.

The relationship between Corvina and Vad was a little rushed but, it settled well with the novel. I swooned and cried and gushed over the book about a couple billion times. Vadina (Vad and Corvina) was one of the most intriguing couples I ever read about.

The climax blew my mind. It legit did. There was nothing I wanted more. There are some answers that we never receive, and that’s okay. We have to learn to respect that. RuNnyx did exactly that. Gothikana is perfect. Even if I was given a chance, there is nothing I would change or amend in it. I am so happy that I read this book.

I will recommend Gothikana to everyone who likes suspenseful, steamy, gothic vibes books that will keep you up at night. Reading. Swooning. Gushing. And Contemplating.

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