Hiraeth Home: An Illusion – Lavanya Bilwal


Hiraeth Home: An Illusion is a wonderfully penned Poetry book. It contains a plethora of poems on various themes, ranging from humanity, love and society to, pain and self awareness. Poetry has always been my one true love and I found myself to be really excited when I received this book. The poems in this book are directly from the author’s soul and narrate stories which are bound to stay with the reader for quite some time.

The types of poems also varied. Some of them had a rhyme scheme whilst some others were free verse. There was also some random musing from the author which dug its talons deep into my heart. As the title suggests, the poems compiled in this book talk about everything that never was. Home is just an illusion and this book talks about it. The themes of the poems were lovely. The lines were crafted in a beautiful way which managed to keep me hooked until I was through with the book.

I think one of the best parts about the book was that I read it after midnight. Poem after poem, the feels kept on hitting me like waves crashing on the shore, drowning me in their intensity, every single time. The fact that most of the poems were highly relatable is what made this book a quick but gripping read.

Via the medium of this poetry collection, the poet has offered us a different perspective of the world we live in. Though it is very difficult for me to choose my favourite poem, since there are so many but there was this one particular poem which stole my heart.

“He is exactly the poem
I wanted to write
I just couldn’t get it right
There was always something
Which never rhymed.”

The poems made me question a lot of things, they made me feel and they made me want to read them over and over again until I have some words practically embedded in my mind.

This poetry collection is full of more such amazing and thought provoking lines. Lavanya’s words, despite being simple, were so cleverly woven that with each poem, she managed to paint a beautiful picture of the scene she was talking about and I think that’s the best part of the collection.

However, there were a couple of themes which were a bit redundant but the fact that the poems were glaringly different from each other made up for it. The book contains some cuss words, which added to the emotions portrayed, so I think they didn’t bother me much. With that being said, I would like to recommend this book to everyone who is a fan of poetry and all those who are looking for a quick poetry reading before going to bed. Trust me friends, you do not wish to miss out on her poems. They are amazing. Plain and simple.

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