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“You tickle the dragon, you get burnt.”

Summer – Storm TeNana – Williams is a normal high school girl who has a best friend since kinder garden and an amazing family. Oh, and not to forget mentioning, she is a quadruplet with three unnecessarily overprotective brothers. Three!

Summer – Storm’s brothers love her best friend but her brother’s best friend is a completely different story. Kayden Sin Paris – the gorgeous next-door–neighbor of the TeNana quads is the archenemy of Summer – Storm since the dawn of the times.

Yet, they both have their secrets which define who they are in the present. What do you get when you mix the crazy quads and the hot neighbor? Well, a shit ton of drama of course, and one hell of a story…

His Oreo Princesa was one of the funniest works I read on any platform. The plot was beguiling and very unpredictable. I really loved the setting of the novel and the female protagonist being a foodie (since I am one myself).

Also, the brother’s were true to their character. Most brothers are overprotective, caring and always by your side. These four people were not much different.

Overprotective? Check!

Caring? Check!

Always by Summer’s side? Check!

Yeah! That is why I loved the brothers to the moon and back. They were the best brothers Storm could ever ask for.

Kayden Sin Paris – the gorgeous boy who just happens to be Storm’s brothers’ best friend and her archenemy. But slowly as the time passes, these two start to tolerate each other and end up becoming ‘Stayden’. “This is Kayden Sin Paris we are talking about. Yes, his middle name is just as hot as his first name.” Damn, right it is! Well, jokes apart, Kayden’s past has not been the best but the way it has been penned down is legit THE best.

Apart from that, the humor aspect of the book was flawless. I was laughing so hard clapping like a retarded seal at certain moments. The death threats of Summer… Dios mío! They were super funny… and terrifying too. “I am going to skin you alive with a cheese grater! I am going to slit your throat and smoke weed with your windpipe!” Yeah! They were this good…!

Nothing much is left to say, I truly loved the author’s writing and would recommend this book for anyone who wishes to read something different, witty, and humorous but lovey-dovey at the same time. This book is a lovely blend of all these themes.

A small advice in the end:

“Life is too short to regret all the stupid crap you’ve done. Don’t worry about a thing; everything will work out in the end.”

Until the next time! Adios Amigos!


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