How You Used to Be - Promised

Hola Darling! I got a story to tell,
About how a young girl fell.
One day she had everything she ever wanted,
The next day, I found her looking stranded!

Let’s start from the very beginning,
Let’s tie every lose string.
Let’s start from the day you guys first met,
The day she thought her life was set.

That sunny day when you first met in the car,
Never thought it would lead this far!
She let you in and trusted you,
Not thinking you would let her down too.

Everything was going great, wasn’t it?
Maybe that’s why she never saw the storm hit!
You made her so happy all the time,
Even when she had days as bitter as a lime…

One text from her and you judged her mood,
D’you remember you used to call her dude?
One call and you made her feel alright.
No matter how upset she was at that time.

What changed sweetheart?
Why’d you make her a target of your dart?
You were always seen together,
Now, it just changed like the East Coast weather.

A smile, a laugh is all it takes,
To drape a sheet upon her heartbreaks.
Whenever you needed her she was there,
Where are you when she needs you here?

“Uh there?” she texted you that night in a daze,
Do you remember your cheesy reply? A firm “Always”
From merely being a text away,
To her, doubting if you would ever stay!

She never thought you would be like the rest,
Well, she did fail this test!
Out of all the games in this world to play,
Why did you choose her feelings to slay?

How’d you get bored of her so quick?
Maybe it was her love and care which did the trick!
Yes! She has a lot to learn,
Maybe it could be done without causing her to burn.

You remember what all you promised?
No problem! Let me remind you all of it!
You promised to never again be the reason for her tears,
But you brought to life, her worst fears.

You promised to hold her tight and never let go,
But they were mere words though!
Cause you never had the intention of staying,
No matter the amount of praying.

“We’ll never fight.” That’s what you said,
But here at 1, she is lying in her bed.
Bawling her eyes out, drowning in songs,
Her head pounding like a bell’s gong.

Alas! Those words were all but lies,
I wish she would’ve read your eyes.
Man, she was too naïve to understand,
Or should I say, too pure hearted to play a game this grand!

“I don’t feel like talking to you anymore.”
Maybe you should’ve said it way before.
Before you guys became so tight,
But alas! After every bright day, falls a dark night!

You both were so young,
And your words, they stung.
But how would you know right?
Your so – called innocence is at its height.

Yes! There is a big hole,
Where once resided her soul.
Her mind, her energy is fully drained,
She’s waiting for the day she feels good again!

All your chats and calls have now turned formal,
She wonders if it will ever go back to normal.
She once told you, “You look right through me…”
Yet, this is just how you guys used to be…

Shreya Vijay
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