In Mage We Trust – Heidi Vanlandingham

I received this book as an ARC and I’m giving an honest review.”

Set in the mystical Demon Realm, a sassy college student, Johana is now one of the most powerful mages in existence. A Demon, Niki, who is her true mate has sworn to protect her from every danger. But, there are figures lurking in the dark and evil forces gathering to strike. Will Johana and Niki defy all odds and be able to win against the dark magical forces? Well, that is what the book will tell you.

In Mage We Trust is a Fantasy, Paranormal Romance fiction which is fast paced and really enthralling. The thought of putting down the book was physically disturbing for me. To be very honest, this book just flew by and before I know it, I’m at the end.

First things first, it was the vibrant and flashy cover of the book which grasped my attention in the first place. The colour combinations were amazing and the image on the cover did proper justice to what the reader should expect whilst reading. The title of the book was also a bit different and since, I’m a total sucker for anything which even remotely resembles ‘Fantasy’, I just had to read this book, no matter what!

The book had me hooked since the moment I read the first page. There wasn’t a single moment when things were mundane and bland. Never, for even a minute, I thought that the book was becoming dull. It held a vice grip on me and wasn’t really ready to release me until I had devoured it whole.

Coming to the plot of the book, it was amazing. Period. The story line, the characters, the pace, everything was perfect. The character of Johana was beautifully crafted. She was a sassy and sarcastic girl who held strong beliefs and was willing to go to any lengths to save and protect those whom she cared about. The writing style of the author was so beautiful that I could feel the surge of power coursing through my veins, every time Johana tried to perform a spell.

The narration was so beautiful that I could feel myself being a part of the Demon Realm – where the story revolved, by the way – and am a first-hand witness to everything happening in the book. Another plus point was that the book was unpredictable. Truly! It had me guessing till the very end.

The action sequences? Par perfection. The love angle… Now that is something I really enjoyed. It was cheesy yet sweet and cute. I really loved the affectionate bond between Niki and Johana and all the other characters. (Don’t wanna spoil the book for you, now, do I?) Also, this book had some laugh out loud moments, which I thoroughly enjoyed. More or less, I had a smile on my face throughout the novel with the exception of a few cases, where I teared up a bit.

Honestly, I really admired the quality of the author to switch emotions in the middle of the book with such simplicity that each emotion could be felt and revelled in by the reader. This is something worth appreciating!

The book tied most of the strings which it unravelled and yet, ended on a subtle cliff hanger, promising a new story for the readers to relish in, in the second novel of the series. (Which, I can’t wait to read, by the way.) Over and all, I loved the concept of the novel and I loved the flawless and beautifully descriptive writing style of the author.

With that being said, my dear friends, I strongly suggest you to purchase a copy of In Mage We Trust. This book is a perfect package of action, fantasy, suspense, mystery and… Love… Make sure to read this book, guys!

Adios Amigos!


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