The night of Christmas, when everyone is near their loved ones,
I miss the bond which we shared once.
Lying awake, recalling the day you walked out on me.
Let’s fly back in time, shall we?

Oh how I wish I could revisit the time,
Go back to the years when you were mine.
I thought you cared more than that,
I thought our feelings would string us back.

I know that I created a blunder.
However occasionally, I can’t help but wonder,
If it all was merely a lie, if you were truly mine…
Since if what we had was true, how could you be fine?

Do you even know the mess you left me in?
How broken I was when you threw my apologies in a bin?
When you left me for that other guy,
All day, all night, the only thing I did was cry…

Yesterday we broke up and today you are with him,
Hell Man! How could I have been so dim!
I should’ve known our love was just a game,
Oh dear! Isn’t it such a shame!

The place I once considered my home,
Is now merely a lifeless building made of stone!
My eyes, my heart and my soul are burning,
To hear your laughter, these bricks are yearning.

I may text you only at night,
As it is then when I can fleece my cries from the light.
But, even in the middle of the day,
I have so much to do and say.

I want to fold you in my arms,
And hug you tight until you are warm.
I want to make you laugh until you cry,
I wanna make you feel as high as the sky.

I don’t even know what makes me say this all,
When I know I am the only one who will take the fall.
I don’t know what keeps my hopes alive,
Even when you managed to strangle me with a knife.

I muffled my cries behind my smiles,
I hid my broken heart by walking a distance of miles.
Never once did I stop thinking about you,
I just wish that you miss me too…

Loving you from my very core,
I was still willing to give you more.
Had you asked for my life,
I would’ve handed it to you with a bright smile.

I see you are content without me by you side,
I now know you were just along for a little ride.
I know I was a way for you to pass your time,
And here I am, composing this rhyme…

I only wish, if I ask you about the days we spent together,
About those wet kisses in the rainy weather.
When I ask, if you miss how happy we used to be,
I just hope that you lie to me…

Shreya Vijay
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