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Bronte Davis! Worthington High’s sweetheart! So sweet with a wonderful charismatic attitude… Blake Parker! Worthington High’s arrogant, bad boy. What happens when two utterly different personalities are compelled to share the same roof?

Blake has sworn to make Bronte’s life a living hell! Bronte is also determined to make Blake regret the day he was born if he tries to fool around or mess with Bronte again! Never-ending pranks, myriad heartbreaks and a few secrecies that are yet to unfold!

“NOT TODAY SATAN! I Think I need to start planning my funeral! ”

I read this book on Wattpad – A book app recommended by a few of my friends. This book is full of pranks and touches of sarcasm. The first few chapters were absolutely humorous. When we go on further, it becomes a bit serious with countless secrets and unfathomable twists.

I read the book within 2 days because the suspense and thrill at the end of each chapter propelled me to keep going through the book. Chapter after chapter, the book started becoming even more interesting and the author’s writing style seemed to be so real that we can’t help but imagine ourselves at the place of Bronte and Blake. The book was an extreme page-turner.

It was a superb book and was obviously one of its kind… the readers will get to read something new. The sarcasm of the book was simply fab! Over and all, I loved the book! Since the book is full of surprises, I don’t wanna spoil it for ya! So just go and dive into the world of Bronte & Blake where anything can happen at any time and sarcasm is the second official language…

Both are after the lives of each other! It is a miracle that neither of them has wrung one another’s neck nor has ripped each other’s head apart.

“But then again… Opposites Do Attract!!!”

Until the next time!

Adios Amigos!


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