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Love Redesigned by Jenny Proctor is a hilarious second chance Romantic Comedy – one that will keep you laughing until you’ve devoured it till the end.

Dani is a wannabe fashion designer working in NYC at one of the most sought-after fashion companies. Juggling that job while nursing her broken heart is what Dani does best. However, the moment her ex-boyfriend Alex walks back into her life, everything seems to tumble down the hill. She loses her job and cannot afford to live in NYC anymore. She can only hope to take refuge in her twin brother’s apartment – one who is a Youtube star.

The only issue with that otherwise foolproof plan is that Alex lives there too. Will she be able to forgive him and get the happily ever after she has always dreamed about?

Needless to say, I have been pretty obsessed with Rom-Coms lately and have read my fair share of them this past month. If I had to trace the conception of my obsession, I would say it started when I read A Love Unexpected by Leah Brunner. Since then, it’s like I’ve been on a binge of Rom Coms.

This book gave me similar vibes as Emily In Paris which is one of the most hilarious Netflix series based on the Fashion Industry. Well, it goes without saying that this book did not let me down. I liked how the storyline did not just focus on Alex and Dani as a couple. But, it also revolved around their relations with those around them. The estranged siblings’ angle was intricately penned and very well sorted.

The Romance element was hands down pretty swoon-worthy. Additionally, I also enjoyed the interaction between Dani and her friends. (Dani and Chase’s friendship was goals!) The pace was perfect; nothing seemed rushed. The dialogues seemed pretty candid, and it was easy to imagine myself watching a Rom-Com movie rather than reading it. Not going to lie, there were some instances when I felt my eyes brimming with tears, mostly during Dani and her brother’s interactions.

The characters were artistically fleshed out, bearing close contact with reality. About a quarter way into the book, I found myself so invested in the characters that I started feeling emotions on their behalf. The best part about this book was that it tackled not just the romantic story between the protagonists. It also touched upon secondary themes of fame, sibling relations, cut-throat competition in the fashion industry, and how understanding seems to be the underlying prerequisite in every relationship.

The climax of the story was one I did not see coming. But, it couldn’t have been better. All it seeks to portray is that you can’t mend everything that is broken.

Reading this book was a phenomenal journey, one I would always cherish. This is a book for all the Romance fanatics and the ones who look for books that end up teaching you some of life’s best lessons.

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