“By listening to music, you will either FORGET everything or you will REMEMBER everything.”

Music soothes me and helps me think straight. I can always count on music to assist me put forward my emotions and deal with them. Honestly, it never fails to cheer me up. Music always stays by my side. It doesn’t matter that everyone is gone! I have my music with me!

I tend to listen to songs with a soft music and meaningful lyrics especially when I am upset. The lyrics, at that moment, mean everything to me. As the chords of the song passes, it makes its way towards my soul to reveal my deepest and darkest secrets. Then finally, there comes a part when that song clashes with the strings of my heart and pricks my soul. I let go of all the thoughts triggering my brain. I let go of all those silent screams. And finally, I let go of the tears that I’ve been holding back to just live in that moment and feel it with all my heart.

The amount of work I can do whilst grooving to some beats is insane. I will clean up my room, complete my homework, write a few articles and also have deep and philosophical thoughts, all the while listening to music. It not just grooms me physically but also pierces my heart and gives a gentle and soothing kiss to my soul. It helps me to escape the Reality I live in.

The kind of songs a person listens to is a crystal clear reflection of their emotions. Music expresses what can’t be said and is too painful to be left unsaid. At times, people just express themselves through them medium of songs. One song can describe their entire life. So next time, never ask a person whether they are okay. Rather, ask them what songs are there in their playlist. These songs will tell you more about them than they can ever possibly express. After all, it is always said that behind every favorite song, there lays an untold story which is waiting to be unveiled. 

Shreya Vijay     


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