My Mother’s Love – Rishika Chopra

I received this book as an ARC and I’m giving an honest review.”

“Love doesn’t know how to stop. Love is an alien to the customs and the rites of our world.”

I couldn’t agree more with this beautiful quote! Love, apparently, does not have a boundary. But like all other things, love too is not perfect.

My Mother’s Love is a very powerful book by an upcoming author Rishika Chopra. It is a crime thriller with a tinge of Romance. For me, this book was a quick but bumpy read. The emotions locked in this book are enough to keep any reader captive. 

The cover of the book is so enthralling that the moment I laid my eyes on it, I just HAD to read the book. The story focuses on Alicia Frankford who is a painter. To grow out of an incident that marred her childhood, she turned to paint. Alicia has an ‘apparently’ perfect life or so the flashing cameras make us believe. What is hidden beneath this facade is what we unravel in the course of this book. I remember writing these 4 lines came to my mind when I read about Alicia –

“Year later she painted,
All her memories that left her tainted.
The white canvas and paintbrush dipped in crimson red,
Narrated a story, otherwise left unsaid.”

There were many parts of the book that I found enthralling. First of all, the plot was so amazing with appropriate twists and turns which had me jumping in my seat. Whenever the things started to cool down, the author threw in another twist and voila, you are back to panic mode! Apart from this, this story had a very beautiful message for the entire society which honesty was the best part.

The characters were beautifully penned and I felt a deep-rooted connection to most of the characters. I love the character of Cliff the most. I could practically feel his pain when he lost Alicia. The author has written the novel in the brutal light without anything lingering in the shadows. All the gory details rendered me speechless, but they were really necessary to create an impact. The narrative style of the author was vivid and descriptive which made it easier to imagine ourselves in the very story. I loved the command the author had over her language which was fancy yet easily comprehensible.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an eye-opener and thought-provoking Crime novel. It has everything. Drama, suspense, thrill, romance – you name it, this book has it. Trust me guys, you do not want to wish out on this beautiful novel. Go purchase this book. You won’t regret even a single second you spend reading it. Rather, it might just leave you craving for more!

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