New Moon – Stephanie Meyer


“It will be as if I never existed. I promise.”

The Cullen family is excited to celebrate Bella’s 19th birthday. However, Bella couldn’t care less about it. Then, an accident which took place during Bella’s party leaves the Cullens with no choice but to flee from Forks.

Bella is heartbroken when her only true love leaves her stranded. She pushes everyone away and becomes a loner. But then comes Jacob Black – the brooding childhood friend of Bella. Yet, there is something mysterious about him which Bella can’t put a finger on. With all the shit going on in Bella’s life, nothing could possibly be worse. Right?

New Moon is the sequel to the thrilling and utterly magical debut by Stephanie Meyer – Twilight. Unlike its predecessor, this book lacked sappy romance but was high on the action part. The Cullens remain absent for the majority of the book and hence, the vampire fans would definitely be disappointed.

Although I must admit, this book is very week. It lacked many aspects like optimism, humor etc. Once the Cullens left, Bella spent her entire time wallowing and drowning in self-pity. And at this moment, the book seemed to drone on and on without building up in a precise direction.

In simple words, New Moon is mostly about the depression caused due to break-ups. Though, due to the intense, out-of-the-world love of Bella and Edward, this break up pain is exaggerated quite a bit. More or less, dwells on this depressing aspect and out of all the 4 books, this book was also the most depressing one.

When we talk about the characters, Bella’s character came out as a very desperate girl! As soon as Edward left, Bella started to find solace in Jacob’s company. Also, as long as Edward was there with Bella, she didn’t even give a second glance at her friends like Jessica, Angela, Mike etc.

Also, after the departure of Edward, it was as if a part of the book was ripped and thrown away. This book focused on the developing relationship between Jacob and Bella. We also get a better insight of the vampire world, which alone was very enthralling. Apart from this, the plot was okay and the action during the climax was good.

However, after reading Twilight, I can’t help but be disappointed in the book. Nonetheless, the climax keeps us waiting for the third book in the series – Eclipse.

“Between pain and nothing, I will choose nothing.”

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