November 9 – Colleen Hoover


The best thing about Colleen Hoover’s Romance novels is the fact that the setting is a fresh aberration from the overused and cliche NA stories’ plots. She always delivers something new and refreshing which is bound to steal the reader’s heart and book a permanent residence in their hearts.

November 9 is a novel that kept me hooked throughout. At a single glance, this book seems to be another one of those over-rated love stories. But when you actually read it, you uncover the beauty and lucidity of the author’s narrative. November 9 walks us through the life of Fallon and Ben, two people who meet one day and strike up an unusual romance. They make a pact to meet each other for one day, every year, at the same place that they first met. The date? November 9.

The basic plot of the book was well penned. The narration was strong but the story line seemed to have an essence of the famous book One Day by David Nicholls. However, this book had its own unique moments like the protagonists not remaining in touch for the entire year. The way the story has been threaded offers a really interesting perspective and the twists are sure to keep the readers bouncing. Never once did I feel the story becoming even remotely redundant.

The characters showcased a decent level of development and I adored the main characters. However, I felt that the book was a little lackluster in the swoon-worthy Romance area. Yet, I knew once I finished this book, I would definitely be coming back for more of Coho books.

I would recommend this book to all the people who wish to read a sweet and emotional Romance.


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