Passion – Lauren Kate

“I’ll love you with all my heart, in every life, through every death. I will not be bound by anything but my love for you.”
Luce may even die for Daniel. She always has. Every single lifetime they are thrown together… no matter how hard Daniel tries to keep them apart, Luce always finds him… just to be agonizingly torn apart… Luce knows that there is something or someone that she is missing out… something in her past lives that will be of great use for her to break the cycle of the curse… But What or Who!!!
So my dear Fallen fans, get ready to dive headlong in this time- travel adventure of Luce to find out her identity and decipher the origin of her and Daniel’s curse. Will she be able to find out or will she be struck in one of her past lives???The book focused on the past of Daniel and Luce… how Luce dies every time she falls in love with Daniel and how grief-stricken Daniel becomes after losing his one and only soulmate.

When I picked up Passion from my shelf, I was eager to know what will happen in the book. I wondered whether it would be an epic like fallen and torment or even better! But Alas! I was wrong…This book is good but nearly NOTHING as compared to the first two books. I personally found the book a bit boring… I mean why the hell you would go to your past lives if all the ones who care about you told you not to do so! HELL! To be very frank, during the book, it occurred to me that it was the favorite time pass hobby of Luce to put the angels’ lives at stake!

Some things actually sucked in the book like – time traveling blindly without any further plans. Still, each chapter and each journey taught me a new aspect of love… how strong love is and how “Love is the only thing worth fighting for.”

Also, I believed that a whole book was not at all vital to show us how Daniel felt after losing Luce and how much torture he endured. It could have been included in the second (Torment) or maybe the fourth (Rapture) book. Readers might feel bored by repeatedly reading the agony and torture of Daniel and the same Luce bursting into flames over and over again. This thing was already explained in the first two books of the series and no deeper insight was actually required to understand the situation.

On the other hand, I do agree that the climax was really important, to sum up with the things that came up during Torment and Rapture. The book was Okay. But some parts truly made no sense…

Nonetheless, this book left me with a huge suspense… How the series is gonna end. The climax was unpredictably good and mysterious which will leave the readers pondering… Lauren Kate has this potential to keep the readers tied to her books because of her climax…

Thus my dear charming friends… check out the next and the concluding book in the fallen series “Rapture” where “We put all our faith in love.”


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