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“The most painful goodbyes are the ones which are never said & never explained…”

The type of books you read depends completely on your interest. They, in my opinion, are highly subjective endeavors. It is your opinion about anyone’s creative work. But you know what, there are these poems which can be read and enjoyed by everyone. Because a single poem can pour out thousands of emotions.

Yes! You guessed it right. My recent obsession has been poetry and songs. All day long, either I am reading/writing poems or else I am blasting music in my ears. So, this was the first book of poetry I ever read but really, it was the best decision I could have made. This book contained poems of varied genres. Some of them being – Love, crush, betrayal, friendship and what not. This book also had some dark poems.

Poetry, what I believe, is all about vomiting your thoughts on paper and getting rid of your frustration by expressing it. Now, your poems are not successful unless and until you are able to connect to the people via them. And this poet does know how to wrap her readers around her pinky finger. She is endowed with the ability to express herself really well. These poems reveal so deep emotions within them that I just can’t help but be submerged in these seas of emotions.

After reading her book, I can very confidently say that broken hearts produce the best poems. One particular poem, I would like to talk about would be “Tears”. You definitely get it from the title what this poem is all about. I mean seriously, how someone can explain something so trifle, as tears, so deeply is beyond my understanding.

“You might have your own reasons for leaving me

But I don’t want to go back to that misery again…

So watch me as I rise again…

Cause you were the one who told me how to be strong

You were the one who taught me how to rise again…!”

These are a few lines from the poem ‘You’. This one would be another poem which jerked me and made me see the real, cruel world. This is exactly how it happens, right? The person you ‘know’ slowly becomes the person you ‘knew’. We decide to face the reality, after we are done moping around and being weak.Now, we are ready to show that person who we actually are.

The way the poet describes this struggle in this entire poem and how she shows that strong girl coming out of her misery is flawlessly perfect. And it is not just about this poem, it is about all the poems in the poem. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. The poems are beautiful, deep & dark, heart – touching, soul-wrenching… You name the adjective and this book qualifies for it.

To be very fair and frank, the sad genre of poems is not very easy to write. It is one of the most typical genres you can choose to connect with your readers because anyone can see the happiness radiating off you but you need to be really expressive to make someone understand your pain. These poems did not let me down. I can very proudly say that these poems did not only touch my heart. Rather, they touched my soul…

Over & all, her poems were simply awesome. Period.

You write really well girl! Keep up your usual high standards and always remember – “The Sky’s the Limit…!”

And you my dear readers, download the app and give her poems a go. I can make sure, you will come out becoming a far more understanding, observant and better person…

Until the next time peeps!

Adios Amigos!


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