Wednesday, February 28, 2024
No Safe Space - Shreya Vijay

No Safe Space

no safe space by Shreya Vijay I often think that there is no safe space for people like me.if only I...
that winter night

that winter night

that winter night by Shreya Vijay it was just another winter night in the states,chilly wind whistling, people regretting their mistakes....

an ode to my incomplete poems

an ode to my incomplete poems by Shreya Vijay incomplete poems – a line of thoughts, gone astray,when...
One Day Poem

One Day

One Day by Shreya Vijay More often than not I’m asked,Why I always carry a paper & pen, as if hiding behind a mask?Why do I always...
To Begin With - Shreya Vijay

To Begin With

They put on masks upon masks, just so they could hide their own, For when it came to acknowledging their true self, they were figuratively blown.