Procrastination occurs when we think about doing a particular chore but end up convincing ourselves of doing it later.

‘Oh, I will do my homework tomorrow!’

‘I think I’ll read the rest of the book later.’

‘I’ll study for the exam later, right now, I will play.’

Procrastination is my best friend. Yes, I confess that am a sinful procrastinator. I defer every possible issue and prison it at the back of my mind. Just so I don’t have to incessantly dwell upon it.

Let’s just say that my mom assigned me a series of duties which I had to execute while I was home alone and she was out running some errands. The entire day, I would run around in the house, dancing to Beyoncé and Arianna Grande, stalling doing those chores. This, my dear friends, is procrastination.

The concept of procrastination is as ancient as humanity. As long as humans have survived, so has procrastination. We all will agree that there have been at least a few times when we delayed, avoided or stalled performing our task at hand. We all love procrastinating things. Hence, I termed it – the ‘universal best friend’.

Now, the question arises ‘why do we procrastinate?’ We won’t talk about science and psychology. No, not at all! Let’s talk about generic reasons regarding procrastination. Maybe, we delay things because we don’t feel like doing it, maybe it is because we are too lazy to be bothered with chores or maybe it’s because we don’t like to do that particular job we have been assigned with.

Whatever it is, we stall our task until the very last moment possible. You know, it is like a drug. The frequently, you avoid doing things, the more easily you would be able to convince yourself to delay things later. Procrastination, up to a limit can be considered friendly but the moment it starts becoming your habit, you are screwed.

It messes up your time management skills and gives rise to an unhealthy amount of laziness in your body. It just gives temporary pleasure and rewards. Another well-known belief is that humans work well under pressure. No! That’s not true. Stalling our tasks leave us with nil time for revising & refining our work.

Long story short, procrastination of jobs prevents us from giving our best shot at the work assigned. The best way to tackle procrastination is to love what you are doing and to relish in the pleasure the completion of the task in time, brings you.

Simmer down on the procrastination! And you might find there is more to life than just doing chores!   


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