Rapture – Lauren Kate

“Two Passionate Lovers,
Struck in an Ancient war.
Cursed to survive a love,
That could never be theirs because,
Some angels are destined to fall !!!”
Sooo… After finding Luce, Daniel and the fellow fallen angels have another issue to solve! Lucifer! Luce is the only one who can break the curse… Lucifer wants the fall to take place again… the angels have nine days to stop Lucifer… If not, there will be hell on earth. Will the angels stop Lucifer in time or they will be too late…? Late enough to put their existence at stake!? Next comes the time of decision… Heaven and Hell can’t wait anymore!

Geez! I picked up Rapture just the next day after I read Passion. After passion, I was a bit dubious whether the book will meet my expectations or is it gonna annoy me even more! But I was extremely enchanted to find that the book went beyond my expectations…

I was spellbound when I came to know that the destiny of the angels is in the hands of Luce! There were many types of “What if” questions in my mind – what if Luce does something reckless. What if the angel’s existence comes to an end?

The book attracted me real bad and made me impatient to get the answers to my questions. I was frantic to know what Luce’s role was in the curse apart from living and dying every 17 years, what was the curse actually meant for and why Daniel was cursed!

I cried so many times while reading the book that it took me 3 whole days to gather up all my guts and face what was about to happen next. Great and startling sacrifices were made in the book which will leave the readers in pain and are sure to keep their eyes brimming with tears!

Most parts in Rapture took me by surprise while the others were predictable. The conclusion was something that did not occur to me even once while reading the whole series! I really need to admit that the whole twist – of – the – story – thing was utterly unimaginable and I could not settle the whole twist in my mind for about 2 weeks and kept blabbering about it!

I was really satiated by the ending of the book. It was absolutely worth the read and streaming tears. It left me awestruck and taught me that true love is worth every sacrifice and not to forget mentioning “Love is the only thing worth fighting for”!

It was remarkably an incredible climax to the one and only Fallen series. The book left me completely mesmerized and was solely awesome!

Finally, the series was beyond any other “Fantasy romance” I ever read before. I simply loved it and recommend it to all the people who love reading something new and out of the box!

“All that is good in Heaven and on Earth is made of love. Maybe that wasn’t your plan when you created the universe—maybe love was just one aspect of a complicated and brutal world. But love was the best thing you made, and it has become the only thing worth saving. This war is not just. This war is not good. Love is the only thing, which is worth every sacrifice and every war!”



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