Remnants – James Hoff

“I received this book as an ARC and I’m giving an honest review.”

Remnants is a Science Fiction book which fosters a wide array of unique characters which are bound to keep the readers engaged throughout the course of the book. I really didn’t wanna give the summary of this book because it is so full of suspense and thrill that I am afraid if I say even a word about the plot, I might end up ruining it.

The story is really compelling and the way the author has painted the dystopian society is commendable. He has introduced a lot of Sci-Fi characters ranging from Bots and Travellers to Aliens and Leviathans. The world in which this story is set is so different from the current world we live in and yet so similar.

I absolutely loved the title of the book! It is so appropriate and it seems as if it is tailor made for this book. The cover page is a sober, green coloured background which, in my opinion, could’ve been better.

A fast pace was maintained throughout the course of the book and the author manages to put the readers in a state of momentary trance from the very beginning. However, I do need to admit that in the beginning, I was a bit confused but still, I couldn’t really put down the book. I wanted to be apart of that world and understand it better and that is one of the major strengths of this book.

The plot was riveting and filled with suspense and action. The writing style of the author was more ‘show’ than ‘tell’. The story line was really unique and if I’m being really honest, I couldn’t put down the book until I had devoured it from start to finish.

The characters were cleverly penned. I loved the way the characters actually developed throughout the novel and the different personalities of each character had me hooked. Another plus point was that no two characters were the same. The author has introduced a very large number and species of characters and has yet managed to do right by all of them.

Honest to god, I am not a big Science Fiction fan, but this was a book that I really adored. One of the biggest perks of this book was that the author understood that not everyone is a Science buff and so, he has put in a glossary at the end of his book which describes all the scientific terms and characters. I would like to laud the author for taking this step because otherwise, we, as laymen, are stuck in a limbo of scientific terms which we hardly ever understand.

After reading this book, I can proudly say that for now, Science Fiction to all of us is either Divergent or the Decepticons and Autobots, but soon enough, it will also include the characters of this book – the sinister leviathans and of course, the brave Travellers.


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