Second Serve – Aparna Aggarwal


(I received a review copy of this book via the Blogchatter Review Program in exchange for an honest review.)

Second Serve is an intricately penned Romance Novel by Apparna Aggarwal, published by Xpress Publishing. The book begins with the Tennis prodigy – Abhimanyu Walia, who is at a crossroads in his life. His wife has walked out on him and his tennis career has been put to a halt due to a serious injury. The book navigates Abhimanyu’s journey as he tries to win back two things he needs in his life – Tennis and Ragini. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he can’t really have one without the other.

First things first, the title of the book is highly significant! Since this book is all about second chances, the title provides justice to the story. The cover is also beautiful and eye-catching and relevant to the title and story.

The story begins with a slow pace. The author gradually builds up the pace and the plot. She doesn’t just throw the readersather, she holds their hands and gradually makes them step into the troubled waters that is Abhumanyu’s life. The story is penned in the third person point of view but it aptly captures both Ragini’s and Abhimanyu’s mindset. The book is lucidly penned and each chapter leaves the reader yearning for more. It is easy for the reader to imagine themselves in the story and watch it unfold right in front of their eyes. The book fosters intricate details of Tennis as a sport which might be highly appealing for the sports lovers.

The plot of the story is amazing with twists scattered throughout the narrative. The language of the author is also easy to comprehend. I loved the character arcs of Abhimanyu and Ragini. It was astounding how much these people grew in the course of the story. I loved the character of Ragini. She was headstrong and likeable. The supporting characters were also well penned and held some importance rather than just hovering in the shadows.

The book constantly switched between past and present yet, remained thoroughly entertaining. I did not find the constant oscillation, tiresome or baffling. In fact, I loved it. The book fosters strong themes like friendship, dating, love, marriage and relationships. Each theme was justified by the author and that is why I enjoyed reading this book. The climax was obviously predictable but the way we reached there, the journey? It was so worth it. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light and fun read, with lots of tennis in the mix.

My ratings: 5/5

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