Shaadi-ka-Laddoo.Com – Navniit Gandhi & Varuna Khullar

“I received this book as an ARC and I’m giving an honest review.”

Leena or Binnie is our protagonist who is a (kinda) normal 30-year-old who was once married but is now single and absolutely not ready to mingle! However, due to the constant constant pressure and rebukes from her mother, Leena agrees to get registered on Shaadika-Laddoo.Com, which is a matrimonial dotcom that serves to provide the ‘perfect’ life partner for anyone. The story revolves around the encounters which Leena endures, all to get married. 

Shaadika-Laddoo.Com was a book that I finished in one sitting. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am not even exaggerating. Bear with me while I try to get my laughter under control and continue with the review. Alright, so, starting from the title… Quite catchy right? I still remember, when I first told my friends that this book is the one which I am currently reading, they were bent over with laughter! And that was when they did not even read the book! The book was so much funnier than what I predicted it to be… 

The cover of the book is also very vibrant which makes it one of the most eye-catching books on my entire shelf. The plot of the book was very interesting and the narration was flawless. The authors managed to create an intimate atmosphere as if we are discussing Leena’s hilarious encounters in search of a suitable groom, over a cup of coffee. The book had the style and flow of a diary narrative, excluding the monotony of a simple diary narrative.

Personally, I believe that the unpredictability of the book was the best part of this entire package of the humorous and emotional roller-coaster of a ride. Every time we think that life finally has grown a small plant in Leena’s life, it grows and we come to know that it’s a lemon plant. And Life has thrown lemons Leena’s way. Again!

Also, it is not just a light and funny read. It’s not just the lighter aspects of marriage that are taken into account. But many issues like incompatibility, betrayals, money-driven marriages, and domestic violence were also brought into the picture. Yet, none of them managed to simmer down the humor in the book. Everything had a perfect balance. 

The book is an amalgamation of different ‘dates’ Leena had to go to and the various leap of faiths which she had to undertake to find the perfect partner for herself. Yet, all these encounters and meetings are weaved together with a delicate thread that makes this story perfect. Never once did I feel the book lose its pace or become less interesting. I would recommend this book for everyone who wishes to read something novel and different. I am sure, the ending of the book will leave you with a subtle smile on your face wishing for more.

Did Leena succeed in finding the perfect groom for herself? Well, that’s something you will come to know only after you read the book… So, why wait? Hurry and purchase a copy of Shaadi-ka-Laddoo.Com from Amazon or from your nearest bookstores. With the weather gradually turning windy and chilly, it just might be the perfect time for you to read a novel…

Adios Amigos!


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