She’s With Me – Jessica Cunsolo


Hola Amigos!! Wassup? I am FINALLY done with my boring exams and am amalgamated with the love of my life – books. This is a book I read a while back on Wattpad. So here I present the summary of the beautiful, mystifying and terrific book – She’s With Me… Check it out…

Amelia Collins – a new girl in high school (we all know how difficult it is). Aiden Parker – the terrifying, scary, intimidating and yet at the very same time, very caring, observant and adamant person. What happens when these two crash into each other’s lives – Like literally!? And to make the matters worse, Aiden humiliates Amelia on the very first day of the school and in turn, Amelia insults the guy.

What happens when Aiden is drawn to Amelia’s life like a moth drawn to a flame? He is hell-bent on unraveling all the secrets that her beautiful face and innocent smiles hide. Eventually, they come closer and realize that they have more things in common than they initially thought. Go, dive in their story and unravel all their deepest secrets which succeeded in making their lives a living hell. Maybe their devil is closer and watching their every movement…

After reading this book, I can say that I am completely and utterly stunned. How can a book so good even exist? But oh well, it does. Reading the title, I agree that this book sounds like one of those cliché’s where our male protagonist is super possessive. But nooo… You can’t be more wrong. And the most important thing is that the book was NOT. A. CLICHÉ. It was anything – absolutely anything – but that.

All the aspects of this book were superb and full of mystery. Of course, this book was extraordinary and one of its kinds. If I had a few adjectives for a few aspects of this novel, it would go like:

Plot – Different and Awesome

Characters – Wonderful and Realistic

The way of Writing – Enthralling and easy to understand

She’s With Me is a mixture of thrill, mystery, nail-biting suspense, dark pasts and a tinge of humor. At the necessary places, the book is serious as well. Noah is the funny one (I generally find Noahs really funny). His statements are so cute and humorous that you can’t help but fall in love with this guy.

Coming to main characters, I loved the way Amelia was our brave girl. She is my carbon copy (personality wise) that’s why I could connect to her the best. Sarcasm runs in her veins and she does not let anyone walk all over her. “No, but I can draw you a map so when I tell you to go to hell, you’ll know exactly where to go.” This was one of my favorite lines in the entire novel. Another one would be “You take my sandwich and I take your life.” Feisty is a word which describes her best.

Aiden Parker was our signature bad boy, always has his walls up and couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks about him except his friends. The persona of Aiden was quite… unusual but it was what made him the brooding bad boy of King City High School. He was soft but he never showed his weakness to anyone but Amelia. But despite everything, the guy stole Amelia’s heart.

Another thing is that this book is not a light read, the kind you read just for fun. This is a very bouncy read because once you pick up this book, you, my dear friend, ain’t putting it down. So read at your own risk. *winks*

But mark my words guys! You. Are. Really. Gonna. Love. This. Book. Period. This is not the type of book where the characters meet, the next day they kiss and then they are living their happily ever after. No. Zilch. Nada. But long story short, This book is Fan – freaking – tastic. It is one of the books on Wattpad which I have re read countless times.

If you guys are still reading this review, I really don’t know what in the name of hell are you waiting for. Well…? Jesus! Download Wattpad and just go and dive head first into this wonderful piece of writing. Because who knows whether Aiden and Amelia find their happily ever after…?

I am giving you just a teeny tiny bit of tip. This book has a sequel ‘Stay With Me’. Trust me! You needed to know this one.

Soooo… Until then… Adios Amigos…!


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