Supernatural - Demons

You fantasize about love,
Yet all you see are heartbreaks.
You adore their smiles,
Ever wonder how much of it is fake?

You ask me about my dreams?
Well, the reality is slipping away from my seams.
Nightmares make it hard to sleep,
Cause my brain keeps playing memories on repeat.

Now, there are nightmares no one can chase away.
They strike during the brightest hours of the day.
You listen to bedtime stories for fun.
Aren’t they the jam to your night’s bun?

I see the world with a slightly different tinge,
What I’ll say next, might sound a little strange.
But open your ears, widen your mind,
Close your eyes, and feel this story, blind!

The creatures which haunt your epilates,
Do walk the Earth, free.
Demons, spirits, shapeshifters, and ghosts,
All have their very own lores.

What do you think of when you hear ‘Demons?’
Nothing, that is short of legends!
You think demons come with horns and pitchforks?
Oh! You foolish little dorks!

Demons aren’t always bloody monsters,
They hold a Ph.D. in becoming seductive imposters.
They come disguised as everything you’ve ever wanted.
Hey, why do you look so daunted?

Spirits are nothing but feelings of guilt,
Buried beneath layers and layers of the unconscious quilt.
Ghosts are the flashes of repressed memories,
Just a consequence of your constant worries.

Wait! What about shapeshifters?
Yep! Nothing, but multi-faced misters!
Don’t give me that expression of shock,
The ship’s just set sail, wait for it to dock!

Everything supernatural has a tinge of truth,
Something you fail to understand in your youth!
Every artist needs inspiration for their rendition,
Even if the stuff messes the screws of a logician.

Rise above all this noise and confusion,
Take a glimpse of the other side of the illusion!
Stop seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses,
Stop behaving like an illiterate herd of masses!

All these lores are more than just a piece of art,
Deep down, you know it in your heart!
What? You still don’t believe in them?
Fine! Then wait and watch them cause mayhem!

And you know the hardest part of it all,
Is that we’re only built to fall!
The moment we feel everything’s falling into place,
There arises another challenge for us to face.

But like them, wise men used to say,
Where there is night, there’s also day.
If there are demons, there are angels too,
If there is a Devil, there is a God too…

But good isn’t a different entity altogether.
Wait, isn’t it what you assumed, sugar?
Well, you are fatally mistaken,
God and Devil, Good and Bad, are more or less akin.

Both good and bad reside within us,
They exist together with just some subtle adjusts.
Whether to flaunt our Devil or let is hide,
Is what we have to constantly decide!

Sweetie, your destiny isn’t written in the stars!
It’s a consequence of how you use your arms.
How your actions define your existence,
Whether you give in to thy temptation or master the art of resistance.

The 7 deadly sins of life,
Are cautiously balanced on the edge of a knife.
You carry all those 7 sins in you,
What you become, is a matter of what you do!

There are times you will feel you’re about to collapse,
There’ll be no one around to pick up your scraps!
The day you’ll have NO choice but to be strong, you see
You’ll realize, how tough you can actually be!

Wake up from your slumber, babe,
What you see of life, is an obstructed version of haze!
Why so terrified now hun?
Didn’t you wanna listen to my life story for fun?

When you asked me about my stories,
What did you expect? Flying cars, or maybe, ponies?
You asked me for something that could fill up oceans,
Oh, hon! You couldn’t handle my hurricane of emotions!

Shreya Vijay


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