Teardrop – Lauren Kate


“The last thing we expect others to do, it’s the last thing they do before we learn we cannot trust them.”

Never ever cry… 17 year old Eureka’s life is the definition of tragic. Losing her mother in a freak accident, she turned into an introvert. The only person she trusts is Noah Brook, her best friend who now behaves like a stranger. Then, there is this blue eyed stranger, Ander who seems to be everywhere Eureka goes. Uncovering her mother’s legacy – a locket, a stone and an ancient tale of heartbreak and romance – leads Eureka to question all those around her. Meanwhile, Ander has made it his life goal to keep Eureka safe even if it is the last thing he does. Dive headlong in this epic tale of romance, adventure and mystery to decipher the secrets of Eureka & Ander.

Lauren Kate! Hands down my favorite author. After reading the ‘Fallen’ series, I was more than just ecstatic to start with ‘Teardrop’. This book, like the previous books written by Lauren Kate was a very cleverly worded tale of romance and fantasy.

Apart from the reason that this novel is penned by Lauren Kate, I decided to give it a shot due to its beautiful cover and also because I had never come across a book where the female protagonist is not allowed to cry! Where not a single teardrop is permitted! Like Whoa!

The book was fast – paced and action driven. I had a little trouble comprehending certain things but a quick re – reading of the lines helped me grasp it. From the very beginning, the characters began to grow on me. Also, I am very glad that this book was ‘Nothing’ like ‘Fallen’. No angel – demon stuff. Rather, it was based on the legendary myth of Atlantis which was a considerably new concept.

Coming to the romantic aspect of the novel, this book was the cause of the eruption of myriad inhuman squeals and swoons from the core of my heart. “‘There now’ he said. ‘No more tears.’” I nearly cried due to the sweetness of Ander. Long story short, the romantic aspect of the novel was near perfection and flawlessly worded.

Though, I do need to admit that the ending was very abrupt and I was quite disappointed. But nonetheless, the book ends on a cliff hanger which leaves the readers dying to read the second installment ‘Waterfall’.

I personally am very keen to read the second book in the planned trilogy. However, my expectations, after reading so many books of Lauren Kate, are very high. The only way to find out whether the book meet my expectations is to read it. So while I go and read the second book, you guys enjoy the first part of Eureka and Ander’s journey.

“Why do I have to survive?” Her eyes ached with exhaustion she could no longer deny. Ander noticed. He guided her to the bed, pulled back the covers, then laid her down and draped the blankets over her.

He knelt at her side and murmured into her good ear: “You have to survive because I won’t live in a world without you.”


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