that winter night

that winter night

by Shreya Vijay

it was just another winter night in the states,
chilly wind whistling, people regretting their mistakes.
bonfires warming every house in the suburbs,
a sheet of snow covering the myriad garden of herbs.
I sit in my room, watching the city come alive with light,
the shops, metros and cafes all deny the fall of the night.
offices spill people onto the pavement,
never leaving them with enough time to even lament.
in the cityside, it’s all about smoke screens and cigarettes,
people made not of flesh & bones but silhouettes.
teenagers spend their time, cocooned in the safety of their rooms,
shrouding their every heartache with a new tattoo.
everyone has problems they don’t readily acknowledge,
yet, everyone is fighting a battle, to the best of my knowledge.
a burden shared, is a burden halved,
this generation needs to get this carved.
sure, people talk, but do they really communicate?
I don’t think there’d be anything left to talk about at this rate.
it’s days like today when I sit down and reminisce,
when I can’t help but wonder, how did it all come down to this?


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