The Death Cure – James Dashner


“I don’t even care about myself anymore.”

The trials conducted by WICKED are finally over. Memories of all the survivors are being restored – or that is what they are led to believe. Thomas already remembers more than the WICKED thinks and he is certain that they cannot be trusted. The lies are over. It is the time for Thomas and his friends to face the truth. But, the truth is way more dangerous than any of them could ever imagine. Is there anyone who would survive, The Death Cure?

An insanely dramatic, fascinating and compelling finale to the Maze Runner series – The Death Cure. The book was better than both its predecessors and contained sufficient proportions of action, drama, suspense, romance, and emotion. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing was over the board which was indeed a plus point of the novel.

Thomas slowly and gradually changes from a love – struck fool to a logical person. He cares more about his friends and companions than himself. There has been slow but sure change in all the characters since the first book. They’ve all come a long way and their journey has toughened them up.

The book was a quick read and of the kind which will keep you up all night if you don’t finish it quick enough. It is really hyped up and just flows by with a certain number of bumps and speed breakers here and there.

Since the whole book was practically a suspense filled pack, I can’t delve deeper into the details without spoiling the entire book for the readers. As we enter deeper into Thomas’s world, it grows darker and scarier with only a sliver of hope to make it out alive.

The book becomes way more violent, unprecedented, and heart breaking than its predecessors as we move towards the shattering finale of the series.

Go! Dive into Thomas’s world and see who makes it out unscratched. You never know who your enemy is and who your friend is.

“I don’t think there is a right or wrong anymore… Only horrible and not – quite – so – horrible…”

Until the next time! Adios Amigos!


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