The Love Of My Life - Mother

You see that woman with big black hair?
She is the one who rules my heart’s lair…
With a smile that lights up the whole town,
In her eyes, I always drown.

She is as pure and innocent as a dove,
Yes darling! She is my first Love!
Wait, scratch it with a knife,
She is actually the Love of my life…

I will talk to you directly dear,
I hope my feelings are loud and clear.
I hope you can hear my voice as you read ahead.
It is me reading this out, till the very end.

Words fail to express what I feel for you,
Maybe that’s why you have no clue!
I may never say it out loud,
But without you, my life is always dappled by a cloud.

You are the one who means the most,
You are the one whom I keep close!
You are the moon to my dark night!
You are the candle which provides me with the light.

All my life, you never failed to have my back,
You were the one who kept my life on track.
You see who I am talking about?
It is you my dear Mom…

You taught me how to say my first word,
You taught me how to name that black bird.
You taught me poems and stories,
You showed me how to give words to my memories.

Yes! I always make you frantic,
With my every crazy antic…
Yet you always stay calm,
Every time I am bouncing off the wall.

Every time I felt cold and wished to be warm,
You folded me in your arms.
Every time my tears poured like water from a tap,
I found my solace in your lap…

I may never be able to thank you enough.
But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try though…
I want to shout out loud, that you are all mine,
Because If I have you by me, I know, everything is gonna be fine…

Shreya Vijay
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