The Maze Runner – James Dashner


“Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.”

When Thomas wakes up in a box, all sweaty and tired, all he can remember is his first name. But, he is not alone. He’s surrounded by a group of buys who welcome him. They call the place – Glade and themselves, Gladers.

Just like Thomas, even the others have their memories swiped. They have very little memories of their past selves and no idea why they are stuck in the Maze. All they know is that every morning when the walls slide open, they must enter the unknown and risk everything to find out. Have a glimpse of their hard life in the astounding premier installment of Maze Runner.

The Maze Runner was an action-packed, dystopian science fiction book. The premiere installment of the planned trilogy was full of adventure and mystery. The author had me guessing up until the very last chapter of the novel. The suspense and plot of the book are quite unpredictable and the twists manage to knock you off your feet.

The author wrote a language which was invented by the Gladers themselves. Slangs like ‘greenie, shuck-face, grievers, shanks’ etc. were very casually used. This makes the reader a little uncomfortable initially but they eventually get used to it.

There were many What-the-hell-is-going-on-here moments in the books which led to the teensy-weensy bit of agitation and frustration in the reader. But then again, Thomas himself remained agitated most of the time.

The initial part of the book can be confusing as hell because we know almost nothing about the Glade. But so does Thomas. This was the plus point of the book. The reader is not the only one confused about what’s going on. Thomas too is puzzled because he knows as little about the place as we do. Similarly, as soon as Thomas starts getting comfortable with the slang and the place, we all do the same.

The book, over and all is an action-driven, fast-paced and cleverly plotted novel. Apart from that, the way of writing is also easy to comprehend. So, you can even read the book when you’re busy.

It is a book which has a great flow and can be read by anyone and everyone. Wanna be a part of this thrilling ride?

“Then let’s go running.”

Until the next time! Adios amigos!


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